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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good news from Afghanistan

This from email. Thanks, Billie!

More Good news!!!!!!!!

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Nearly 80 Taliban killed in Afghan air strikes

Sun Nov 25, 6:19 AM ET

KABUL (AFP) - Nearly 80 Taliban rebels were killed in a series of air raids by international military forces near eastern Afghanistan's border with Pakistan, a provincial government spokesman said Sunday.

About 65 were killed in a single air assault late Saturday in eastern Paktia province on a "large group of Taliban," said Din Mohammad Darvish, a spokesman for the local administration.

Four others were killed in a second assault targeting a vehicle carrying rebels in the same region of the province, Patan district, and four in a nearby area, he said.

Another three were killed in an air strike near Gardez, capital of the restive province, he said.

"Altogether 76 Taliban were killed in separate air strikes by coalition forces," Darvish told AFP.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and separate US-led coalition could only immediately confirm the last incident which they said was targeted at three militants spotted planting a bomb.

Casualty tolls in battles between insurgents and Afghan security forces backed by their international allies are often difficult to establish with officials regularly issuing different numbers that can not be verified.

The Taliban, toppled from government six years ago, are the main militant group behind a spiralling insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives.;_ylt=Aqf.RiUbUwwZO2IqZA1hoe_OVooA

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