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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It All Depends Upon What "Opposed" Means


It is said by many, perhaps referring to it as being Common Wisdom, that Bill Clinton is Hillary's biggest asset in the American political arena. However, yesterday, the former President committed an embarrassing gaffe. Can you spell "hurdle"?

The New Media has just been given an ammunition stores second to none. Bill Clinton made a pathetic and lame attempt to rewrite history by claiming to have "opposed Iraq from the beginning". Even ABC jumped all over that statement, known to be a false statement; read that as a lie.

So, what we have here "IS" this; a liar supporting another. As the world reels from what the definition of what "IS" is, now we have to wonder what "opposed" and "IS" is. Words mean things. The Leftinistra are very adept at rewriting history to suit their political aspirations.

As we witness the Leftinistra distancing themselves from the War In Iraq, they invariably return to the issue as being against it from the very start which, simply stated, is a bold faced lie. Funny how they soon "forget" that they signed onto the Iraq War Resolution. Remember, if you will, the vast majority of CONgress "approved of" the Iraq War Resolution but, that all depends upon what "approved of" "IS".

With the alarmingly amount of Good News in the War In Iraq flows in which the once main stream media can no longer ignore, why do the Leftinistra distance themselves from the fact of victory is at hand? Is it all that bad for them that they were on the wrong side of this issue from the very start? Would they not gain honor and dignity by admitting they were wrong?

Americans are indeed a forgiving people. We hate charlatans and liars and those that will not accept responsibility for their own actions or inactions. Blaming something or someone else for one's own short comings or inabilities is truly a sad state of affairs.

One would most certainly be infected with the Ostrich Syndrome while denying that even Al-Qaida has said Iraq is lost.

Boy. This could get interesting. I wonder what "interesting" means. Naturally, we could also wonder what "wonder" "IS" as well.

Please continue as you are Mr and Mrs Clinton. The Abyss of Obscurity awaits you.


Hillary cannot win without him

Jimmy Z - Paraphrasing Rush Limbaugh just now on the radio: ‘This is becoming more and more obvious as Bill Clinton becomes more and more visible, tagging along with her everywhere she appears. He just lied outright, saying that he did not support the war in Iraq. There has been, up to this morning, a quote on the Clinton Library website supporting the decision to go after weapons of mass destruction.’

Hat tip to Limbaugh. Without former President Bill Clinton, Hillary has no chance. She can’t do it herself. She’s a weak candidate. She’s not likable and the democrats know it.

Now this is Jimmy Z’s opinion: I guarantee you that behind the scenes, democrat strategists are telling the Clinton war room, “if you don’t have Bill involved, and involved heavily, we’re going to throw Hillary under the bus and go with someone else. We want to win, and she can’t do it without him.”

LMMFAO! This is going to get really good.