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Friday, November 30, 2007

Panderers and Polls: Democratic Politicians and Pew

Just home and I see the wonderful Snooper has already posted about John Murtha's amazing turnaround in thinking about the "surge"..... Did I walk into the twilight zone when I walked in my door after my vacation?

No, that isn't it... its the polls stupid!!!

It isn't just Murtha's about face on the surges success, it is also the pew poll showing that the number of Americans that see the military effort going well has, yet again, risen, this time 18 percentage points since the last poll.

Now, 48% believe the effort is going very or fairly well.

Worse yet for those that have done their best to convince the American public that we had lost, some even saying that before the full compliment of troops or the counterinsurgency strategies had been implemented, (Talking about you, Harry "Baghdad" Reid) we now see that 48% of Americans actually think the U.S. will SUCCEED and only 46% think we will fail.

(Click graph to enlarge)

Congressional Democrats are even reporting that their constituents aren't even asking them about Iraq anymore.

Rep. Jim Cooper, a moderate Democrat from Tennessee, said not a single constituent has asked about the war during his nearly two-week long Thanksgiving recess. Rep. Michael Capuano, an anti-war Democrat from Massachusetts, said only three of 64 callers on a town hall teleconference asked about Iraq, a reflection that the war may be losing power as a hot-button issue in his strongly Democratic district.


For now, voters appear more upbeat as the war’s progress than at any point this year. The nonpartisan Pew Research Center for the People and the Press released a report this week showing that nearly half of Americans believe the military operation is going well — an 18-point increase since February. You have to go back to the days before the last election, in 2006, to find Americans feeling this positively about the war effort.

The Democratic politicians have been consistent in one thing...pandering to the polls.

They are for almost anything the polls tell them to be for, then they turn against it as soon as the polls turn against it and when the polls do an amazing turnaround....coincidence of all do the politicians.

One House Democratic aide refers to John Murtha's statements as a "real headache" as well as pointing out the Nancy Pelosi will be furious, which begs the question....why?

Despite the unpopularity of the war, considering we are there, shouldn't everyone be happy that progress is being made?

[Update] I wonder how badly Pelosi reamed Murtha.

Make sure to keep track of Operation Iraqi Truth.....The unvarnished facts about Iraq.

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