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Monday, November 26, 2007

BREAKING: The New Iraq "Security Arrangement"


Hat Tip to Flopping Aces for the take and links to others. From Yahoo! News: Iraqis may offer US deal to stay longer

UH OH! I can just hear, feel, sense the Linda Blair impersonations now!!
BAGHDAD - Iraq's government, seeking protection against foreign threats and internal coups, will offer the U.S. a long-term troop presence in Iraq in return for U.S. security guarantees as part of a strategic partnership, two Iraqi officials said Monday. [...] read the rest
As we all knew would be coming. Japan, Korea, Kosovo (why are we still there, again?), and all of Europe are shining examples.

Too bad the Leftinistra just don't get it. This is how partnerships are made and friendly relations are kindled. Then again, the only types the Leftinistra would "Rather" be friends with are the likes of that idgit Chavez. I wonder how that is working out for them?

Let the whining begin from the dolts...the new occupants of that Abyss of Obscurity.

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It will be interesting to witness the reactions for the Leftinistra. After all, they do not know how to respond.