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Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Good News From Iraq That You Won't Find In the MSM

We have many common bonds here at Wake Up America, and one of those that is the most binding in that group is our love and support of our troops, especially when they are in harms way.

Special thanks to Billie for compiling this for us and sending it in for posting.


Hi Blackhawk,

More good news from Iraq. You may already have this information, but I bet the major media outlets will [try to] keep it from the American people.

V for VICTORY in Iraq,

CAMP ECHO, Iraq; Nov. 21, 2007 -- Iraqi Security Forces, assisted by Coalition Forces, detained 81 suspected extremists and confiscated several weapons caches in Diwaniyah, Iraq, during Operation Lion Pounce Nov. 17 to 19.

Maj. Gen. Othman Ali Farhood, 8th Iraqi Army Div. Commander, outlined the successes of Lion Pounce in a press conference at Camp Echo, Iraq, Nov. 19.

“The northeast quarters of Diwaniyah, where the operation was conducted, were under control of criminal and militant groups,” General Farrod said.

He further highlighted the IA’s success by stating there have been no casualties or equipment damage associated with the operation to date.

Maj. Gen. Tadeusz Buk, Multi-National Division – Central South Commander, said Operation Lion Pounce was the first large-scale operation led by an Iraqi Army general (Farrod), who commanded not only IA Soldiers, but also Iraqi Police units.

“The results of the operation show that it was well-planned and prepared,” said General Buk.

Sheikh Hussein Al Bderi, Chairman of the Provincial Security Committee, highlighted sound cooperation between local government, Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces as key to the operation’s success.

He added that new security stations will be built to maintain order and security in the region upon the operation’s completion.

(Compiled from a Multi-National Division - Central South PAOC news release.)

BAGHDAD, Nov. 23, 2007 -- Iraqi citizens are taking back their streets from extremists by taking security into their own hands.

The Iraqi Security Volunteer program, an Iraqi project funded by the government of Iraq, allows volunteers from local communities to protect their own neighborhoods.

The ISVs receive a three-day training program at Coalition Outpost War Eagle where they learn some basic vehicle checks and how to conduct themselves on the streets, as well as weapons training with an AK-47.

“When you have local citizens patrolling their own streets, they have a sincere interest in keeping it safe,” said 1st Lt. John Suh, 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment.

According to Suh, a native of Harrington Park, N.J., these volunteers are residents of the neighborhoods they have been tasked to provide security to, and that’s precisely the advantage when hiring local residents.

“People are staying out longer at night and the stores are remaining open longer,” he said. “Thanks to this program, people are feeling a sense of security.”

According to Suh, the program overall has proven to be a success in Adhamiyah District.

“This is a short-term fix,” said Suh. “The ultimate goal is to transition these ISVs into Iraqi Policemen. So, a few months down the road, we’re trying to place them in the Iraqi Police Academy. In the end, this short-time initiative will create sustainable security solutions by transitioning them into IP.”

For Asef Abd Hadi Mosa Al Jabori, an ISV in Shabatkar neighborhood, being in this program gives him the opportunity to serve his community and he enjoys it.

“Become a police officer in the future is something I’ve always wanted to do,” he said.

According to Al Jabori, though ISVs have been successful providing security, they still need the help of Coalition Forces.

“We need them to stay here a little longer until our skills and knowledge match our present need for security,” he said.

(Story by Spc. Elvyn Nieves, Multi-National Division – Baghdad)

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23, 2007 (AFPS) -- Coalition forces in Iraq detained seven suspects today in three coordinated operations targeting al Qaeda's media network southeast of Samarra.

One of the targeted buildings is believed to be used as a propaganda production facility and meeting location for senior leaders, officials said.

"These operations are another step on the road to a peaceful Iraq, where innocent civilians can live without fear of terrorist attacks," said Army Maj. Winfield Danielson, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. "Defeating al Qaeda's propaganda networks undermines their fundraising and recruiting."

In operations yesterday in Iraq:

* Iraqi soldiers and concerned local citizens in Hawr Rajab, repelled an attack by about 15 members of al Qaeda in Iraq, killing two terrorists and wounding an unreported number. Al Qaeda began the attack with small-arms fire and mortars early in the morning, targeting an Iraqi army checkpoint. Small-arms fire continued throughout the morning. Coalition forces supporting the Iraqi army called in helicopter support from 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade. The attack helicopter crews killed two al Qaeda members and wounded two others. Then deployed a U.S. Air Force F-16 dropped a 500-pound bomb on a van that was transporting weapons, destroying it and all of its contents. Though they suffered casualties during the defense of their checkpoints, the Iraqi army and the concerned citizens group stood their ground, officials said. The attackers broke off after being unable to overrun the checkpoints.

* Coalition forces targeted al Qaeda propaganda cells during operations in Samarra. As the ground force approached the targeted building, they called for the building's occupants to come out, but no one complied. One individual took a defensive position by the door and engaged coalition forces. Responding in self-defense, the ground force returned fire, killing the terrorist. While securing the area, the ground force detained two suspects and found a weapons cache, which was safely destroyed by a coalition air strike.

* In Hawija, coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be the foreign terrorist leader in Arab Jabour, and who allegedly is associated with senior terrorist leaders in Baghdad’s southern belt. The wanted individual identified himself to the ground force and was detained, along with one other suspect.

* In Mosul, coalition forces targeted a northern al Qaeda in Iraq security leader believed to be involved in kidnappings and assassinations. They detained two suspects. Coalition forces also detained four suspects during operations targeting associates of a former al Qaeda media leader near Khan Bani Sad.

* An Iraqi emergency response unit, advised by U.S. Special Forces, detained five suspected extremists during an early morning operation in Daghgharah. The operation, conducted north of Diwaniyah, targeted an extremist cell reportedly involved in improvised-explosive-device attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces in Diwaniyah and Hillah. This cell also is believed to gather intelligence for attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces and to transport and store weapons and IEDs, officials said. The capture supported the 8th Iraqi Army Division's Operation Lion Pounce, an ongoing operation to disrupt extremist groups operating in Diwaniyah and the surrounding region. No Iraqi or U.S. forces were injured during the operation.
* (Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)