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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weinergate Ridiculous Item Of The Day: Liberal Doubles Down By Claiming Weiner Confession Is A Lie

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Anyone with a computer or a television or any interest in politics at all, yesterday saw Andrew Breitbart vindicated very very publicly when Anthony Weiner confessed that every single thing Breitbart reported about him, from the original crotch shot photo sent via Twitter on May 27th, 2011 to the subsequent information provided by Breitbart about multiple online sexual dalliances on the part of Weiner, was true..

All of it, true.

I provide both videos, first Breitbart answering media questions before the the Weiner confession presser and Weiners full statement and question and answer period, here at my ANDREW BREITBART VINDICATED post.

The events as they unfolded throughout the day leading to those two press conferences, were spread out between two separate posts as news and photos were provided throughout the day. Those are found here and here.

I asked after Weiner confessed to it all, every single thing Breitbart reported over the last two weeks, whether the liberal pundits and bloggers who had done everything in their power to discredit Breitbart, claiming he manipulated the photos, hacked into Weiner's account, made up the story... etc etc etc, whether they would offer up their own mea culpa and admit they were wrong and apologize to Andrew Breithbart.

Credit where it is due, some of the media, who ignored the story, or deliberately tried to cast doubt on the factual reporting Breitbart did so wonderfully, are now providing a few of their own mea culpas.

Liberal pundits and television personalities though are a whole other ballgame... some like Jon Stewart simply ignore their own prior comments, others like Barbara Walters have lost total "reporter creds" status, and others simply outright refuse to apologize for not only being wrong but for going after Breitbart and making false accusations against him, even after Weiner confessed Breitbart was 100 percent correct in every report.

The ridiculous item of the day though comes from someone living in complete denial (and may need medication) who, from the very beginning, latched onto some of the worst over-the-top explanations imaginable, the unidentified, fictional, "prankster" "hacker" or "hoaxster (all of which Weiner initially tried to blame everything on) hacked into Weiner's Yfrog and/or Twitter accounts is just one example.

They headlined that day with "CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED!"

After yesterday's events, that headline is downright hysterically funny.

Wow did liberal bloggers jump on that one, even though it was debunked the very same day.

Even yesterday as incriminating, time lined photo after photo was being doled out by Breitbart, this Cannonfire fool continued to try to explain, justify or simply make up story after story about how Breitbart was wrong.

Which brings us to today.

A day after Anthony Weiner was forced to come clean, as story after story popped up, woman after woman spoke, and are still speaking out, about their relationship with him, sexual messages revealed from Weiner to online women became public and after Weiner finally admitted in front of the media that the original crotch shot which started this whole saga, did indeed, come from him, he put it up at Yfrog, he sent it to the young woman in question.... he admitted to everything.

Today, Cannonfire insists that not only he wasn't wrong about the original picture that Weiner admits to sending out as a "joke", but that Weiners confession was a lie and Weiner really didn't sent it out at all!!!!

Yes, really.

In Cannonfire's twisted logic, Weiner admitted to the original Tweeted crotch shot photo to "Get it over with as soon as possible."

Yes, in that warped mind, Anthony Weiner admitted to sending that original photo out, which created a firestorm in the media and blogosphere, to just make the whole thing go away.

His confession according to the piece linked above, was a lie.

Let's say in Bizarro world Cannonfire was right and Weiner's intention was to make everything go away and the writer says that he would have done that very thing.

That would make Weiner and the Cannonfire writer even more stupid than the original lying was because it didn't go away, it gave way to:

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Ethics Inquiry About Anthony Weiner (I prefer an alternate headline of "Pelosi wants to probe Weiner")


Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help


Erections have consequences


Weiner Sexting Partner Reveals Her Identity, Says: ‘He Called Me On Congress Phone!


Breitbart: Weiner offering limited version of truth


Anthony Weiner's Survival Chances Deemed Slim By Insiders, Experts


Report: Anthony Weiner coached woman to lie


My Story — My name is Meagan Broussard. I am 26 years old.

Those are just a drop in the bucket to the media story headlines.

Have I made my point yet about the stupidity of thinking that a lie told to make a story go away would make the story go away?

If not, head over to Memeorandum and look at what other media outlets and bloggers all across the board are talking about.

I don't which is more idiotic, saying that you believe that Weiner's confession was a lie or admitting that if you were Anthony Weiner you would have falsely confessed to something you didn't do just to make it all go away and "get it over with."

This has been the ridiculous item of the day and Cannonfire wins the WuA "head up the ass" award all in one.

(Political cartoon at the top from Nate Beeler over at Townhall)