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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama's "Ethical" Transition is a FRAUD

It was with great fanfare, that President-elect Obama's transition team would not hire any lobbyists. All across the mainstream media there was praise for the incoming President. I would imagine Chris Matthews even had that Tinkle down his leg once again. But banning lobbyists does not stop him from hiring the people who got money from the lobbyists, or the people who did major fund raising for the candidate.

Five of the 12 members of Obama's transition advisory board raised at least $50,000 for his presidential campaign, and eight contributed the maximum individual donation of $4,600. Other transition team members include a partner in a lobbying firm and two executives of financial companies whose employees were among his biggest donors.
So just like everything else Obama has done, there is a huge difference between perception and reality. Read the rest of the story by CLICKING HERE