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Friday, November 28, 2008

Update On Terror Attack In Mumbai, India

Just linking you up to a few updates about the massive attack perpetrated on Mumbai, India, in which over a hundred have been murdered and hundreds more injured.

CNN with details about five more hostages found dead in the Jewish center which was one of what is believed to be 10 separate targets attacked.

The bodies of five hostages have been found at a Jewish center in Mumbai, according to reports, and fighting still rages at a hotel in the city two days after terrorists launched a series of deadly attacks.

Fox with an update showing nine militants are in custody and although no one is sure who is ultimately responsible for this terror attack, it is suspected that there is a Pakistan connection.

The New York Times provides more details about Indian forces fighting the terrorists.

The Washington Post suggests "Characteristics of Plot Suggest Attackers Were Trained Outside India, Analysts Say."

The Telegraph reports that British men were among the attackers.

Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said.

More linkage will be added here as reports come out.


Massive Terror Attacks In Mumbai, India