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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moderate Democrats Attacked By Obama Cultists For Daring To Question 'The One'

Anyone that has provided links to Barack Obama's questionable ties, his contradictory pledges that do not match his actions or previous votes, his connections to criminals and terrorists, his stated philosophies or any other information that is documented that shows him to be hypocritical or not telling the public the truth, inevitably finds themselves inundated with comments from the "Obama Cult."

One would expect this to be a Right/Left issue.

Obama, the far left Democrat being criticized by the Republicans and members from the right, so the Obama cultists run from comment section to comment section, ignoring the links provided, ignoring the documented information made available to defend "the one" without regard to the legitimate questions asked.

Anyone with a blog, forum or comment section has witnessed these Obama cults in action, even now, after the election is over.

This piece isn't about the battle to from the right to get information out about the "chosen one", nope, this is about how the "Obama Cult" will go all out to attack moderate Democrats, moderate liberals, that dare speak anything but the gospel about Obama.

I have been going through a few liberal blogs to see whether the left is finally happy. After all, their candidate won the election, it should be a time to celebrate for them. They should be smiling, enjoying the win, right? Some are, but those folks cannot just enjoy, they now have gone on the attack against anyone in their own party that dares to criticize Obama.

I have made it a point to always separate the moderate Democrats from the far far left extreme liberals of that party, just as I separate the moderate Republicans from the far far right extreme version of our party, and below I will offer an example of why I have always done so.

I have always said extremism from either party is dangerous.

What do I mean by "extremism?"

Members of a party that are so busy "explaining", "excusing" or "justifying", "defending" their candidates and party, that they refuse to acknowledge the problems, the legitimate questions or the documented evidence showing a problem within their own party.

In this case, the "extremists" are the Obama Cult members and the moderates of the party are those that backed Obama, against the Republicans, for their own reasons whether I agree with those reasons or not and were still were reasonable enough to not blindly try to excuse, justify, defend or explain the information brought out, but instead they were reasonable and honorable enough to ask the questions.

Their crime, in the eyes of the Obama Cult, is that they demand accountability from Barack Obama.

Which brings me to the example of Big Tent Democrat over at Talk Left and John Cole over at Balloon Juice who takes offense at BTD for daring to question "the one" about his positions.

The latest infighting started when BTD from Talk Left criticized Obama for his position on torture in a piece called "Obama Transition Team "Clarifies" Position On Torture: He May Be For It."

Change we can believe in?

As a candidate, Mr. Obama said the CIA's interrogation program should adhere to the same rules that apply to the military, which would prohibit the use of techniques such as waterboarding. He has also said the program should be investigated.

[But], [u]pon review, Mr. Obama may decide he wants to keep the road open in certain cases for the CIA to use techniques not approved by the military, but with much greater oversight.

You see the proposal is to have greater oversight over the torture. Change we can believe in!

Evidently, a Democrat who dares point out a position of Obama's they do not agree with is considered a "wanker" by Cole from Balloon Juice, who sends them a message, via his blog, saying:

Just please shut the fuck up until he actually does something you disagree with, you WATB. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been any better. We are at the end of an eight year nightmare and you loudmouth morons are cutting off Obama at the knees before he even sets foot in the damned White House as President. Wankers.

BTD responded:

As expected, the Obama Cult does not like to read any questioning of their Dear Leader.


What I can not understand is the ridiculous Cult of Obama who believes that not a negative or questioning word should be said about Obama ever. Oh sure, they'll say "wait till he is President." But then they'll say "wait till he finishes his first year." And after that, "wait for the mid terms." And then "wait until after reelection." In short, members of a cult can never have the leader of the cult criticized. That is how the Republicans have done it, and no one is as zealous as a convert.

Not to worry, they'll be singing the "SYFP" song for the next 8 years and we'll keep ignoring them. For some of us, it is the issues, not the pol.

Then of course the Obama Cultist member, Cole, declares that any moderate Democrat, ex-Hillary Clinton supporter, that officially backed Obama when Hillary lost the Democratic primaries, but didn't "fall in line" and refuse to question "the one", is nothing but a "concern troll."

With Democrats like this, who needs Red State? If there was anyone who was more tedious during this last election cycle than Armando, aka Big Tent Democrat, let me know. Besides turning one of my favorite sites, TalkLeft, into a pseudo-Puma cess-pool during the primaries (But he supports Obama, dont’cha know- speaking for him only!), BTD’s bigger sin was dispensing bad advice to the Obama campaign on an almost daily basis. If concern trolling was an art form, BTD would be Michelangelo and the 2008 Democratic primary his Sistine Chapel.

Of course Cole from BJ, doesn't bother actually providing any examples or any proof of his assertions. Obama cult members rarely do, but he excuses his lack of providing evidence by saying he has no "patience" to go through the archives and find such examples:

Because I am short on patience, and, at heart, a compassionate person, I am not going to go through the TalkLeft archives and dig up where BTD gravely intones that Obama can not win the white vote, can not win the Jewish vote, can not win the Hispanic vote, and on and on. I will not dig up all the stupid god damned advice he gave to the Obama campaign (which they, thank GOD, ignored). I will not look up the umpteen posts where the left’s own pompous village idiot warned that Obama could not win without Hillary on the ticket. I will not dig up the polling data that he consistently misread and always curiously interpreted as showing a need for Hillary on the ticket. I will let you do that for yourself, and you can enjoy your own historical retrospective into BTD’s idiocy. Yes, I voted for Bush twice, but I proudly state I am not as stupid as BTD. Period.

BTD at Talk Left notices that lack of examples and any evidence as well.

The Cult is riled up. The funny thing is the Cult, as usual, never actually addresses what is written and then makes stuff up. Indeed, this is the Cult's modus operandi:


The Cult will not because it can not. No such posts exist. I remind my dear readers and the Cult of two words that I used - "shoo-in." Before most. Those who actually can read and actually read my posts know precisely what I wrote. Indeed, what I wrote about John Brennan, a name not mentioned in The Cult's manic response.

Then BTD throws out the challenge to the Obama Cult member, Cole:

Now, I defy the Cult to actually quote what I wrote. I can quote him. And I just did. Will he do the same?

Now, some might think this is just a little "thing" between the two sites, but others, not only conservatives, have noticed the same type of behavior from the Oama Cult, as evidenced by Corrente:

Teh funny; ej m’amuse! No reader who pays any kind of attention at all could possibly confuse BTD with Johnson, exactly because BTD doesn’t traffic in tapes that can’t be shown to exist, and Cole produces no such diaries at NQ from BTD. It’s a smear, an art form with which both Conservatives (even pony lovers, like Cole) and the OFB (e.g.) are intimately familiar and practice routinely.

And teh pathetic. Everywhere in the Obamasphere, it’s one variation or another “wait ’til he does something.” Er, why? *

I can hear it now: “You say Then it will be too late as if that were a bad thing!”

UPDATE * Even more amazing, if we take Cole as a proxy, Obama’s fans labored so hard to elect somebody when they didn’t know what he was going to do. The real reason they have to wait, I hazard, is that since they established no policy standards for him in their own minds, they have nothing to hold him accountable for. The demand to Shut The Fuck Up, then, is mere self-medication for cognitive dissonance, since progressives, doncha know, progress. Like, in a direction. Maybe even in one direction as opposed to another. Alas, “change” without direction is mere speed without velocity.

Reach me some more of that honeymoon cake, wouldja, hon?

So, all this does have a point, and that is: Obamabots aka Obama Cult members do not just run around from conservative blogs or forums to spew talking points, to defend, justify, distract or excuse Obama's flaws, faults, lies, ties or associations...... they do it to everyone, they just cannot seem to help themselves from defending their Cult leader.

(Disclaimer- I have used Talk Left as an example previously of moderate Democrats that I disagree with on a policy level and philosophy level, yet I always made a point of showing respect for the fact that while we disagreed politically, they were capable of questioning their own party's choices, putting principle over party in many instances.)