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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ted Stevens Loses in Alaska

Breaking News: Ted Stevens (R-AK), the longest serving Republican United States Senator, has lost the race for his coveted seat to Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (D-AK). Mayor Begich won by about 3,000 votes. A recount could ensue.

Stevens was convicted earlier this year on seven felony accounts for neglecting to report contributions from a political "ally." These are listed as Federal Corruption Charges.

Corruption is right, looks like "Uncle Ted" has been given the boot. Apparently some people are weeping that Republicans lost one more seat to a Democrat, but honestly this one was well deserved. He is a convicted felon. Convicted felons are not even allowed to vote in this country, why would one be allowed to run for office?

Now I am not all that thrilled with Ted, but lets be honest, getting a little gift here and there is not anything big. Still being able to be bought is just despicable. Look, this is Senator Steven's 84th Birthday, so I am not going to dig into the guy too much. He served his country, whether or not he took some kickbacks he did do good for Alaska, so in that essence he did well for his constituents.

Courtesy of Daughter of America

[Update] AP article here.