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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barack Obama: Abortionist-in-Chief

Abortion seems to be one of those flies swarming around President Elect Barack Obama. He has championed partial birth abortion and attempted to deny basic health care to children that survive abortions all while in the Illinois Senate. Now he is in the position to sign into law bills that could damage both the pro-life and the pro-choice movements.

Saturday the American Sentinel published a thought provoking article about how abortions affect the black community and if anyone has noticed the conflict of interest within the black community by voting in a man who supports the very action that is killing 5% of the black population. It has been reported that 50 abortions happen per 1000 black women. However the numbers are far more alarming when you consider abortions per live births for black women,543 abortions happen per 1000 births .

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