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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Higher Plane of Morality of the Enemy

I have been remiss in writing on this but I cannot hold back any longer. Political correctness is a cancer in this nation and that cancer has spread to the USMC. I suppose that we can't risk offending murderous scum Jihadi thugs "over there" or "over here". But, we should just consider ourselves lucky that we have more class than the murdering scum Jihadis and the whores of CAIR and those that worship at the trouser openings of similar Jihadi scum. My bad. The PC Nazis can kiss my ass.

Those that have more class than we do have announced and proclaimed Obama as an apostate - JUST LIKE I HAVE DONE - and I have been called "bad names" for it. I guess you have to have class to get away with it even though it is true. Obama is an apostate Muslim - once born and Islami scum, always an Islami scum whether or not one is apostate or not. It doesn't matter. It is Shar'ia Law. I call that another case of vindication. This data has been made known for a very long time and if Obama is as smart as he claims to be, he would have known this also.

Once again, the fraud Obama claims that he alone will fix all there is to fix by sucking on the loins of the enemy. Simply amazing. After all, our moral standards in the country are so much lower than those of the Islami scum nations. We don't stone our pregnant women...we just murder their babies. We don't hang our gays...we let them subvert the Constitution. We don't "kidnap" those that dissent...we let them tell the enemy our State Secrets. There's more but I am sure you get the point. Crusader Rabbit has more. Czarbie and the morons that "selected" him are so much m ore moral than anyone else...just ask the idiots. They will confirm it. No wonder the Jihadi scum are laughing at us.

The Higher Moral Taliban throw acid at girls that do not conform and now that threat may be coming Stateside. Glad to have the Higher Moral people paying us a visit.