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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reflection on the Election

I took a few days to soak in what happened on November 4th. A few days to let the words President-Elect Obama to really sink in to my brain. Words that seemed unfathomable to me. To think my nation is being governed by a man I would not trust to eat dinner in my home. To think my husband is going to be lead by this commander in chief, what will the future hold for my husband's pay check, benefits, safety?

I am concerned for our country to say the least. That being said, Obama is going to be my next president; and after speaking with other conservatives and moderates on the subject I have decided that my initial reaction, to be displeased but to be gracious to our president elect, was the right decision. However let me make this perfectly clear, I am not going to let the democrats and liberals take credit for the "healing" in this country. Because none of them have done spit towards healing or cooperation. They are relying on the class and graciousness of conservatives. Our refusal to be whining, simple, tantrum throwing, brats is the reason there will be calm. Our lack of immaturity and hissy fits and conniptions are the reason there will be less divisiveness. I will never allow a liberal or a democrat to claim that they are the reason for my upstanding character, for my maturity, for my gracious and clam state of mind, for the tranquility and cooperation that I will bring about.

Here are some ground rules I will have for the next 4 years.

I will not be singing Kumbaya with the liberal democrats. Make no mistake I do not agree with the majority of Barack Obama's platforms. There are parts that work, and parts that do not, and I will be making my voice heard. It just won't be influenced by some derangement syndrome that some developed over the past eight years.

I will provide the proper opposition to Barack Obama and the Democrats in office. The type of classy opposition our founding fathers envisioned in this country. The type that is necessary for a real democracy to work. However, you will not see me waving any flag but the American flag if I endeavor to attend a protest. You will not see cars being turned over or set on fire, and you certainly will not see me throwing stones, feces, or spitting on those I disagree with.

That does not mean I will not defend myself, if I am out protesting, and you get in my face for any reason I guarantee you will look bloodier than I will at the end of it. I do not throw the first punch, I always throw the last.

I hope to never have to protest, I hope that my letters and calls will be enough to get action. I hope my spirit of cooperation and the leadership techniques I know will allow me to work with my Senators, Representatives and even the President with equal respect and understanding.

And remember, just because people are voicing their discontent with a person's platform does not mean they are doing anything as despicable as the liberals and democrats have done to this country for the past 8 years it has held it hostage with wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth. They made their own hell, we made their peace.