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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Show ME the money!

Way back at the beginning of the US election cycle, I made the mistake of writing to the Obama camp to share my opinion on something. Since that day, I have been getting at LEAST three emails a day asking me for money, and I am REALLY sick of it. I was optimistic that once Obama was officially President-elect (or lost the election), that the begging barrage would stop! Not so far.

For many weeks, I have been getting emails in two of my email accounts, thanking me for my contributions, and assuring me that "it is people like you", etc etc..

Apart from chuckling - at first - that it really MIGHT be people like me that helped elect Obama, as every email from them trumpeted, let me assure any and all that the tone of that initial, fateful, email was anything BUT complimentary. I was actually taking them to task for something. No, don't ask what; that was way too long ago, and way too many Obama transgressions ago, for me to remember....

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