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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Named Sources Defend Sarah Palin

Unnamed anonymous sources slammed Sarah Palin after election day, people Palin calls cowardly for not having the courage to to use their names while telling lies and misrepresenting things that happened during the campaign.

Now, named sources are coming out saying Palin was no "diva" with one saying she was the most "un-diva politician" that they had ever met.

That she remains a player and may be the party’s nominee in four years would make it smart politics for Republican staffers to praise her in print. But those who went on the record suggest that they were doing so out of genuine affection for Palin and a sense that the image of her coming out of the election — that of a self-absorbed conniver — was not indicative of the person they knew.

“I’m appalled by it because Sarah Palin was one of nicest people I have ever had the chance to work with,” says Biegun, a former Bush NSC aide. “I’ve worked in Washington for 20 years, on the Hill, in the White House and in the private sector, and she ranks at the highest levels of decency, kindness and graciousness of anybody I’ve ever worked with.”

Biegun said Palin’s generous spirit was on clear display the final weekend of the campaign, after she was subjected to a prank call by a pair of French Canadian radio DJs imitating French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“I approved the call and was in abject horror of what I had done,” he recounted. “But she said, ‘Look, it’s not about whose fault this is, don’t beat yourself up, let’s just move on.’"

Nicolle Wallace, a senior adviser to McCain who helped on the Palin account early on, said Friday on NBC that the governor was “perhaps the most un-diva politician I've seen."

Amazing how quickly people start repeating rumors and reports from unnamed sources, yet they ignore the truth from people not too scared to show their face and give their names and go on record.