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Friday, November 14, 2008

Utah Mormon Temple Evacuated After Receiving White Powder Substance

Day 10 arrives and opponents of the gay marriage ban that passed in California are still throwing their hissy fits.

Whether one agrees with the ban or not, it was put on the ballot, it was voted for, just as Barack Obama was voted for, and although conservatives aren't happy with the outcome of the presidential election, we understand it is a done deal.

We will continue to bring information out about Obama and his policies, we will continue to question him as we see fit, that is our right, but we accept the election campaign season is over and we are looking forward to the elections of 2010, then 2012.

Opponents of Proposition 8, which was the same-sex marriage ban, that passed with 52 percent of the vote, are not capable of understanding nor accepting that the vote happened and is a done deal, and now they have decided to act out in yet another unacceptable way.

Letters containing a suspicious white powder were sent Thursday to Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City that were the sites of protests against the church's support of California's gay marriage ban.

The temple in the Westwood area of Los Angeles was evacuated before a hazardous materials crew determined the envelope's contents were not toxic, said FBI spokesman Jason Pack.

The temple in downtown Salt Lake City, where the church is based, received a similar envelope containing a white powder that spilled onto a clerk's hand.

The room was decontaminated and the envelope taken by the FBI for testing. The clerk showed no signs of illness, but the scare shut down a building at Temple Square for more than an hour, said Scott Freitag, a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department.