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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids On School Bus Chant 'Assassinate Obama'

I do not care what side of the political aisle a person is, this type of behavior is unacceptable, from an adult or from children as was the case of Idaho children, on a school bus, chanting "Assassinate Obama."

Video below is of the KIKD News report, via YouTube.

I have read a couple reports about this and haven't seen anyone that can pinpoint who started the chant, but from the accounts, whoever started it, got the other kids chanting the same sick theme.

Whoolery and his wife couldn't believe it when their second and third graders got off the bus last week and told them what other students were saying.

"They just hadn't heard anything like this before," said Whoolery. "They were chanting on the bus, 'Assassinate Obama. Assassinate Obama.' Then adding in a name sometimes of a classmate on the bus, 'Assassinate Obama and Kate.'"

The Whoolery's explained to their kids what assassinate means then contacted the school about what was happening.

"I think the thing that struck us was just like, 'Where did they get the word and why would they put that word and that person together?'" said Whoolery.

It's not that the Whoolery's are big Obama fans they just don't like people joking about a serious matter concerning any leader of the country.

Whichever kid started it, they heard it somewhere, from someone that obviously did know what the word assassinate means.

The Madison County School District has sent out an email to all teachers, principals, and bus drivers making it clear that children should immediately be told this type of language is unacceptable, but it brings a more chilling issue.

Children not knowing what it means, chanting that, is bad enough, but the thought process of whoever taught those children to say it, makes for dangerous individuals.

Anyone that reads this blog knows I am not a fan of Barack Obama, but no elected official should ever be threatened with assassination.

I can hear people now saying, but they are children, this isn't a threat.


The fact remains, the children learned it somewhere and since this was one bus full of children, it should not be too difficult to find out who started the "chant" and work backwards to figure out who that child heard those words from and do a little investigating to make sure that person isn't a threat to Obama, or part of a group that could be considered a threat.

I would say the same thing if McCain had won the election or if this was chanted about Bush.

Wrong is wrong.