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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chuck Schumer and Dems Are Pushing a Police State

Chuck Schumer fired the opening salvo in the war against free speech this week by calling Conservative talk radio "Pornography"

What Schumer is not telling you is that Radio is probably one of the most Democratic institutions in the world. If people want to hear what is on they listen, if they don't.... well there are tons of radio stations, listeners can turn the dial to find what they like. If a radio program doesn't generate listeners, it doesn't get advertising, no advertising, no radio program. It's really a simple process.

You see, raising the fairness doctrine back from the dead, is taking away our right to select the programming we want to hear. Its only being brought up because the democrats want people like Rush Limbaugh to have less air time. The fact is the American Public has already made their voice heard. Remember when Air America was launched with great fanfare? It was to be the Liberal Voice of Talk Radio. Guess what happened? NOBODY LISTENED, IT GENERATED POOR RATINGS, MADE NO MONEY AND WENT BANKRUPT. Oh its still around, I believe in its third incarnation, still generating no ratings, still loosing money hand over foot.

Allow me to put it another way, Rush Limbaugh signed a multi-year mega-million dollar contract, because people WANT to listen to him . Al Franken, former Air America host, is waging a campaign for Senate, because on Air America he was talking to a brick wall.

If you think its going to stop there forget it. The Democratic Party Brown Shirts have started to go after blogger

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