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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Message To Wake up America Readers

Below I will be showing Radarsite's post from last night, but before I do, let me take a moment to mention a few things.

Roger Gardner is a contributor here at Wake up America and writes for his own blog called Radarsite and he contributes to quite a few other blogs as well.

Over the last year and a half, I have come to understand Roger is a great American man, in his 70's, lives alone and works tirelessly writing and trying to do his part in bringing information he believes is important to readers across the web.

I have watched Roger building his blog, tried to help answer questions when he was learning about blogging, helped to show him how to add videos and small things like that over the last year and a half, and was amazed at how fast he was able to learn how to network, how to advertise, how to add his own touch and feel to each of his pieces.

He has taken to blogging like a fish to water and took off at a dead run and never stopped, sometimes working throughout the whole night many times with more energy than those of us decades younger could possibly find.

From Radarsite:

A message to my Radarsite readers

Dear loyal Radarsite readers --
This is a strange message for me to be writing. But it must be done. But how? What can I say? I think I'll just say it up front. Two days ago I got diagnosed with acute leukemia. It is considered "lethal". I have been told that it could come to an end in as short a time as 2 weeks. I have been allowed to come home for one night before I go into the hospital tomorrow for chemo. If I survive the first week, things could get better, if I survive four weeks thing could really get better. However, as of now the first prognosis does seem the most likely. I think we all wonder how we might react to news like this. At this point I can tell you that I am in a good mood, and I have accepted it and I have nothing but gratitude that I have been allowed to live this long, and to have found such a fulfilling mission this late in life.

I am so grateful to have made so many good friends and to have found so many worthy patriots who love this great country of ours as much as I do, not despite what we have done but because of what we have done.

This may be my last article and of course I would like it to be my best. I would like to fill it with everything I have learned or felt. I would like to say something really profound and meaningful, but I just can't. I'm getting too tired right now to go much further.

I can only say thank you for all I have learned from you and for your steadfast loyalty. My fondest hope of course would be that I would come back home all cured and find this article to be an embarrassment to me. lol But of course that's not up to me.

Please, all of you, all of you who are my fellow warriors, all of you who have commented here, and all of you who have been quiet readers, keep up the good fight, and I hope that you have enjoyed me as much as I have enjoyed you.

With great respect,
Roger W. Gardner
His friends, as I and others are honored to call ourselves, are keeping in touch with him and will bring updates on how he is doing, how he is responding to treatment.

Please keep Roger in your prayers.


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