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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clearing The Ayers

(Cross-posted from America Needs Me)

Hey kids, look which Obama commie pal is suddenly newsworthy!

William Ayers, the excrement who wasn't supposed to be named while The One was turning America into a big, gooey Oprah moment, is suddenly more fashionable than whatever those chicks on The Hills are wearing. Or not wearing.

Take yourself back say, ten days or so and remember that anyone who brought up Ayers' name was racist. When Sarah Palin mentioned him she was accused of negative campaigning. The LA Times refused to release a video showing Ayers and Obama whooping it up with a terrorist thug who repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel. Not worth mentioning, don't ya know. Bottom line: Ayers wasn't to talked about because he really wasn't close to His Holiness. They just hung out. And served on a board together. But The Smartest Candidate Ever (sorry, Bill Clinton) didn't know anything about the guy.

Now he's the belle of the Domestic Bombers Ball. His apology free book, Fugitive Days, is being reissued. It's always interesting to see that the anti-American scum are never shy about grabbing as much of the capitalist pig mother lode as they can.

Ayers will be pimping the book on Good Morning Idiots Who Watch This Stuff tomorrow. Don't hold your breath waiting for the Obama team to accuse ABC of negative programming.

President-elect Hope and Change's excuse about Ayers was that "he did despicable things when I was eight years old". Message to youth:

It's all right to hang around with violent criminals if they are older than you.

I am sure that we will be reminded that Ayers is now a respected academic (Whoa! Did your oxymoron alarm just start ringing too?), as are most of the remaining avowed communists in the United States. They live in the one world where federal grants and taxes still pay for everything so they're under the false impression that the Nanny Tit is the way to go.

And we give them access to our children. Creepy!

Perhaps it's time to stop calling it "media bias" and coin a new phrase. "Media Indoctrination" seems more fitting.

We've seen how well it works with the Obama faithful. Very few of them know much about Barack Obama beyond what they've had spoon-fed to them by the foot-kissing MSM. Bring up actual facts and you'll hear stories about how moved they are by him or how many tears were shed during his acceptance speech. It's like living in a bad romance novel.

Less than two weeks ago, anyone who mentioned William Ayers was a flame-fanning racist. Now that The One has ascended to power, he's worthy of an interview on national television. With a correspondent who is the son of a prominent Democrat. On the network that employs Charlie "Glasses On The End Of My Nose" Gibson, who conducted what is perhaps the most embarrassingly condescending political interview in broadcast history.

But it's all fair, right?

Yeah, me too.