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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reactions To The Palin/Turkey Slaughter Video

Obligatory Palin/Turkey slaughter post....

Reactions to the video below are hysterical, simply hysterical. (Video below)

The video above is the uncensored version.

No one really wants to "see" the slaughter of animals, but yet, unless you are a vegetarian, you truly have to know that folks kill the animals before you find it packaged in your grocery store.

The above interview with Sarah Palin with a turkey being slaughtered in the background, is everywhere now and people are having themselves a real freakfest over it.

ummmm..... did they really think that the meat they buy in their meat department OR the turkeys they serve their families over Thanksgiving, magically just appear in the stores?

People that cannot handle seeing the reality behind how you get the meat on your table, should become vegetarians.

The Daily Telegraph has a great roundup of reactions over this issue.

A couple of my favorite Daily Telegraph updates are below:

UPDATE V. The Fort Mill Times rips at reader hearts over the rescue of the bird Palin pardoned: “As his turkey pals - and maybe some family members - watched, the turkey Palin named Thanksgiving got a second chance at life.” These people are insane.

UPDATE VI. Finally, a sensible comment: “The real problem with this video is that there wasn’t someone on the second machine. C’mon People! Let’s be efficient!”

A big hearty laugh at the update about Ann Althouse:

UPDATE XI. Ann Althouse: “Deal with it, you candy-asses.” Quite so.
Best update of the them all though was this:

UPDATE XV. Reader Aaron Ong attempts an analogy:

A similar example would be an aspiring politician who claims to be anti-abortion, having a news interview in the front of an abortion clinic while an abortion is taking place in the background.

Wrong, Ong. Palin supports turkey farming and is filmed as turkeys are processed. No inconsistency there. Now let’s see Barack Obama (or any pro-abortion politician) hold an interview at that abortion clinic you mentioned …


Last but not least, the update referring to Mark Steyn:

UPDATE XVII. Mark Steyn: “I didn’t think I could like Sarah Palin more than I do, but the nancy boys at MSNBC bleating all over the screen about the Great Turkey Carnage is hilarious.”

Now I am wondering how many of the people soooooo upset about having to actually witness how their Thanksgiving dinner is slaughtered, are actually going to serve a meatless dinner next Thursday?

Decided to have Ham instead? A quick trip to the pig slaughter YouTube page should cure you of that notion right quick.

How about a nice piece of beef? Ooops, Cow slaughter isn't pleasant either folks!!

Fact of life, animals die to put meat on our tables.... deal with it or quit eating meat and join PETA.