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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Thoughts

Live Election Results, updated throughout the night found here.

I am watching election news all day and will be bringing it all here to Wake up America throughout the day.

Long lines at the polls, voter turnout should be large and bloggers and writers throughout the blogosphere have all done what they could to bring information to their readers about the topics they considered important.

No matter who wins today, America will have chosen their President elect, the next person to become President of the United States of America.

Whoever wins, the people rooting for the "other guy" will be disappointed, but how that disappointment is expressed is as important as the feelings themselves.

I have seen threats to "take to the streets" from liberal supporters if John McCain should win, that is as unacceptable as the comments from McCain supporters saying they will obey no laws enacted in the next four years should Barack Obama win.

Folks, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, everyone has fought for what they believed to be right and the rest is left up to our election system.

Some do not like the system we have in place, others have a problem with how the media handled their jobs, the list of complaints go on and on from both sides, but the bottom line is we work with what we have, we VOTE, we hope our candidate wins and then we all move on, no matter what happens.

People, from both sides of the political aisle need to understand that things are not always the way we want them, reality is very important, and supporters from either candidate need to understand that just because you want reality to be different than what it is, won't make it so, no matter how much you stomp your feet and beat your chest.

That doesn't mean people should stop reporting the news as it comes out. It does not mean that illegal activities during election day, from either side of the political aisle should not be reported on, but when all is said and done, the votes are counted and the official announcements are made, supporters of the candidate that did not win, need to have their little hissy fit, stomp their feet, scream and yell in private, then they need to calm down, and move on to working for the next election cycle.

For me, no matter who wins today, I am definitely going pour a drink, toast America because the longest campaign season in history will finally be over, even though I have no doubt that the 2012 campaign has probably already started!

Via email, it does bear noting that Rasmussen is telling people to beware of exit polls, do not let them make you assume you know the outcome before the votes are counted.

Throughout the day I will add links here to the pieces I do relating to the election today, listing them as updates.

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