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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Independent Panel Clears Sarah Palin In Troopergate

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Andrew Malcolm from Top of the Ticket reports that Sarah Palin was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Independent Panel for the Alaska Personnel Board.

The charges included she allowed her husband and staffers to pressure the public safety commissioner to fire a state trooper who went through a nasty divorce from Palin's sister and other charges and that he Tasered their son and threatened members of the Palin family.

Palin says the commissioner's firing had nothing to do with the incident involving the trooper.

Palin's attorney Thomas Van Flein released a statement saying:

“Gov. Palin is pleased that the independent investigator for the Personnel Board has concluded that she acted properly in the reassignment of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

"The Governor is grateful that this investigation has provided a fair and impartial review of this matter and upholds the Governor’s ability to take measures when necessary to ensure that Alaskans have the best possible team working to serve them."