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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

California Passes Proposition 8, Banning Gay Marriage

The presidential election wasn't the only thing on the ballots that was hotly contested this year. In California there was Proposition 8, in which the state got to vote on a measure which would ban gay marriage in the state.

That ban against same-sex marriages passed with 52 percent of the vote.

With almost all precincts in California reporting, the A.P. said, elections returns showed that the same-sex marriage ban initiative known as Proposition 8 won 52 percent of the vote. Some provisional and absentee ballots remained to be counted, but based on trends and the locations of outstanding votes, the initiative’s margin of support was secure, according to the A.P.

The exit polls shows a breakdown of how the initiative was voted on and by who and interestingly enough, according to CNN exit polls, 70 percent of blacks, whom came out in the highest turnout ever for Barack Obama, voted for Proposition 8 which banned gay marriage, while the majority of whites, 51 percent, voted against the ban.

Broken down even more it shows that 75 percent of black females voted for the ban with only 47 percent of white females voting for the ban on same-sex marriages.

Make of it what you will but the saying hoisted by your own petard keeps running through my mind.