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Saturday, October 18, 2008

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Rescinds Speaking Invitation for William Ayers

(Cartoon- Red County- Alberto Araoz)

Barack Obama tries to defend William Ayers and his association with him by claiming the acts of terrorism committed by Ayers, where the group he was with and Ayers himself, bombed the Pentagon, the US Capitol and a judge's home, 40 years ago. To Obama, the domestic terrorism should be forgotten about because it happened so long ago.

Obama launched his career in William Ayers living room, Obama's campaign tried to say "Obama didn't know" about Ayers radical past when he first associated with him, that was debunked and they haven't said that again.

Obama's connections went further as he served on boards with Ayers and saw to it organizations Ayers was involved in received grants....all of this is public record.

More on William Ayers here. More on Weatherman Underground and the crimes committed here.

More on Obama/Ayers CAC (Chicago Annenberg Challenge) association here and here.

(William "Bill" Ayers, 2001, Chicago Magazine, trampling on the American Flag)

All evidence documented and the media having attempted to sweep it under the rug, we see that Americans have noticed and aren't exactly impressed with William Ayers.

He was invited to speak at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and when donors and contributors heard about it, they had something to say, which basically consisted of, "If he speaks, no more money for you!!!." (Paraphrased there but the article bears out my assertion)

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln rescinded its speaking invitation tonight for 1960s radical-turned-educator William Ayers.

University officials cited "safety reasons" for canceling Ayers' Nov. 15 appearance.

Spokeswoman Kelly Bartling declined to elaborate on what safety concerns would keep Ayers from addressing a College of Education and Human Sciences event.

Earlier today, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman strongly condemned the invitation and called on the NU Board of Regents and President J.B. Milliken to block it.

Heineman said through a spokeswoman this evening that he was pleased the university had reconsidered and rescinded the invitation.

An Omaha charitable foundation had announced it was pulling all of its contributions to the university. Several other donors also have indicated to university fundraisers that there could be a financial cost if Ayers speaks.

And Nebraskans by the hundreds continued to register their opposition with university administrators and others, lighting up phone lines and filling e-mail boxes.

Heineman said Ayers' invitation was "an embarrassment" to the state and that it goes beyond the bounds of the university's mission.

"Our citizens are clearly outraged and want action," Heineman said in an interview. "This is their university. This isn't even a close call. The university should immediately rescind the invitation."

Dean Marjorie Kostelnik said she spoke Thursday night with UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman about "the climate around this issue."

No one wants a unrepentant domestic terrorist, who detonated bombs on US soil, to speak to those University kids.

The contributors, the donors, the school and those that complained loud enough to make themselves heard understands what William Ayers was and still is, yet Barack Obama while denouncing the "actions", still has not denounced the man, William Ayers and has lied repeatedly by trying to claim his connection was less than it was.

Attorney General Jon Bruning also said UNL made the correct choice.

"I think its good news for the university," he said. "I dont think there was any good way for the university to disassociate itself with his past."

Neither can Barack Obama.

Just another association like Wright, Pfleger, Meeks, ACORN, Rezko etc.... to which Barack Obama showed his very poor judgment in who he chooses to "pal" around with.