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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain KKK, Obama Running Black Man, Racist Obama Supporter Halloween Decoration

Reminds me of the old Limbo Game where you pass under the limbo stick without touching it, with observers saying "How low can you go?"

Well it seems there is no mud deep enough or scum low enough for certain Obama supporters, where even Halloween decorations show them deliberately trying to play the race card.

Havens, who lives on Schuyler County Route 15 (Ridge Road) just south of Odessa, this week set up a Halloween display featuring mannequins that look like Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain.

But the Obama figure looks like he is running, and the McCain likeness is dressed in the hooded robe of the Ku Klux Klan and is carrying a baseball bat.

Havens is quick to point out he is a liberal and a big supporter of Obama, and that the scene is meant to provoke thought about the way he believes Obama has been unfairly treated by the McCain campaign.

So, Obama warned people McCain would play the race card and when McCain did not, Obama went ahead and did it with his "Dollar Bill" remarks, where he first denied he was speaking about his race, then he admitted race DID have something to do with his comments.

Obama supporters have been screaming racism any time anyone dares question his socialist policies, his ties to domestic terrorist William Ayers, his long standing relationship with Jeremiah Wright, the "God Damn America" pastor Obama sat and listened to for over 16 years or any other legitimate issue people bring up.

Now an Obama supporter is using Halloween, where children will see these decorations and they don't see anything wrong with it?

Yes, the more we find out about Obama supporters, the more we understand they will go as low and it is possible to go.