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Saturday, January 27, 2007

ummmmmmm, I guess this in one way

There are times when I read something and just sit here and shake my head.......THIS story is produced one of those moments.

NORTH BONNEVILLE, Wash. — A man who used a stun gun on his 79-year-old grandmother-in-law after an argument over how to discipline his toddler son was arrested for investigation of domestic violence assault.

Aaron de Bruyn, 26, was cited with fourth-degree domestic violence assault Wednesday and was released from the Skamania County Jail Thursday afternoon, said Calvin Owens, police chief in this town about 30 miles up the Columbia River from Portland, Ore.

The argument began Wednesday morning when his 7-month-old son tried to reach behind the family's entertainment system to grab the electrical wires, de Bruyn told The Columbian newspaper of Vancouver.

Fearing the boy would shock himself, he told the boy "no" a couple of times and gave the child a swat on his diapered bottom.

De Bruyn said his grandmother-in-law, Rosemary Garlock, told him that was child abuse and threatened to have the child taken away. He said he then told Garlock to leave and she refused.

After an argument that lasted several minutes, he pulled out his Taser stun gun and told her he would use it on her if she didn't leave within 60 seconds. He counted down, and when she didn't leave, he shocked her on her right shoulder as she sat on the living room couch.

Now.... parenting should be left to the parents, BUT, you cannot go around using a stun gun to make your point.

This is also another reason that inlaws SHOULD NOT LIVE WITH YOU.

The elderly lady did not need medical treatment.

This whole spanking debate thing is silly as hell. I learned from raising my son that once they hit an age where they can be spoken to and understand a certain amount of reasoning, there is no need to spank.

Thing is when a child is too young to understand why something can hurt them, a little tap on the ass MAY just keep the child from doing a specific action and keep him safe.

A perfect example was as I was raising my son, after learning to walk, he decided he wanted to try to "touch" the flame on the gas stove... you say no, they are too young to understand the word, they try again, you smack that little ass and wowowowow, guess what? He doesn't TOUCH the damn flame again.

May not be "politically correct" these days, but my son still has his hand and it is not burned.

To me, that was worth a little tap on the ass.

On one hand you have politcal correctness, on the other you have your childs safety....political correctness can kiss my ass. My kids safety comes first and foremost and anyone that doesn't like it can also kiss my ass.

Nuff said.