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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update #2 on The Pledge

Via Hugh Hewitt over at TownHall, we see that our efforts are indeed being noticed and they are causing concern with the NRSC.

From RollCall's story on The Pledge (subscription required):

The Web site — — boasted around 30,000 signers as of Monday, and that’s a cause of concern for Senate Republicans.

NRSC spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher said Monday the committee is taking Hewitt’s effort seriously, indicating the NRSC is concerned about the practical implications it might have on fundraising and grass-roots support for GOP Senate candidates.

“Of course we worry about the effect something like this has on online fundraising,” Fisher said. “As we explore different methods of fundraising, we have to be sure that we can effectively take advantage of every available avenue. And with a response like this blog has received, we take notice.”

The Pledge has passed 30,000 signers, but that is only one measure of disgust with Congressional double-mindedness on the war among victory Republicans. Beltway earmuffs appear to have cut off many Republicans from hearing what many of their constituents and supporters are saying, and if the next few weeks and months become attempts to me-to Democratic obstructionism and defeatism on the war, the base that turned out and kept many other Republicans from defeat in November will turn exclusively to the presidential campaign as the only place in which to invest their political energy in support of a candidate who understands the stakes and has a clear grasp of the war and the significance of Iraq within it.

If you have not signed the Pledge yet.....ummm..... wouldn't now be a good time?

We cannot let up the pressure folks.

Click this link for the contact information of the political parties we need to send a message to.

URL's for their contact forms, their phone numbers and their fax numbers are found there.

I see many ask the question "what can we do?"

Here is your chance, email, call and fax them. Make your position known, let them understand that unlike their useless "non binding" resolutions....OUR Pledge is binding for us and they will not see one red cent by way of campaign contributions and the NRSC will not receive a dime in contributions if they do not pledge that no part of it will go to ANY politician that signs or produces ANY resolution, non binding or otherwise.

Not to belabor the point, but while reading this.....have ya signed the pledge yet?

30,791 people have signed The Pledge thus far. Will you?

Keep up the pressure folks, do not quit. Make sure our elected leaders understand that WE WILL NOT FORGET and we will not contribute NOR vote for them if they do not stand up and denounce ALL resolutions.

Please visit here and see what our troops are saying, via video, about Iraq.

Then read Richard Lugar's piece.

OH and before you click from this page..... ummmm.... have ya signed the pledge yet?

Have a great day.