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Friday, January 05, 2007

Bush Approval Rating Better than Pelosi

Disclaimer: I am not fond of polls for reasons I have stated previously in other posts. I think you can get multiple poll numbers on the same issue simply by phrasing your poll question differently. I think that "samples" are just that and do NOT represent what the overall population feels.

With that said, I still found it VERY amusing that President George Bush has been found by Rasmussen to have a BETTER approval rating that Nancy Pelosi. (Hat Tip to Regime of Terror)

45% Approval Rating for Bush

43% Approval Rating for Pelosi

The reason I find this amusing is because, although I do not put much stock in polls in and of themselves, the politicians DO seem to take polls very seriously which would mean that poor grandma Nancy is disliked and disapproved of MORE than George Bush, in the land of political polls.

OUCH.... that HAS to hurt.

Perhaps that defeatist attitude I referred to here, is why her approval rating is crashing, OR maybe Bush's refusal to simply tuck America's tail between our legs and run for the hills sucking our thumbs as Pelosi and company wishes him to do, is the reason his approval ratings are rising.

Either way, in the political world, those numbers cannot be giving Pelosi that "feel good" feeling.

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