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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good News From Iraq Part #21

In keeping with tradition here at Wake up America, this is the 21st installment of the Good News From Iraq series.

With all the news coming from Iraq, rarely does the MSM tell the "whole" story, they prefer to give only the Death Tolls in which they gleefully create supposed "milestones" every chance they get, completely ignoring the progress and the successes our military are accomplishing in Iraq.

I will leave the bad news to the MSM, because they are so good at it and I will continue to acknowledge the hard work and proud accomplishments of our US Military and Coalition forces.

They deserve it.

Please notice how many of these press releases are now aout the Iraqi Army and police, which shows the amazing growth in their numbers and capabilities.

1/16/07- BAGHDAD - 8th Iraqi Army Division Forces captured the suspected leader of an improvised explosive device cell during operations with coalition advisors Jan. 15 in Hajjan, west of Al Kut. The suspect is allegedly responsible for IED attacks on convoys traveling in the Al Kut area.

The suspect is allegedly an experienced IED builder and an illegal armed group member. He was believed to be training other illegal armed group members how to construct and employ IEDs.

Three additional persons were detained by Iraqi security forces for questioning.

There was minimal damage done to the objective. There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

Release found here.

1/15/07- CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Iraqi Army troops rescued a kidnapping victim Jan. 10 near the village of As Sayyid Taha, Iraq.

Working on a tip, Iraqi troops from the 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 9th Iraqi Army Division (Mechanized) searched for the kidnapping victim's vehicle. They discovered it on a farm. Upon conducting a cordon and search of the farm, the soldiers found the kidnapped Iraqi in a farmhouse unharmed, with his hands tied.

After contacting the man's family and once his relatives had arrived to pick him up, the Iraqi troops released the man into their care. His stolen vehicle was returned to him.

Release found here.

1/15/07- KALSU, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces led a joint raid on an insurgent stronghold and detained eight insurgents Jan. 13 southeast of Al Haswah, Iraq.

The Iraqi-led raid targeted a suspected insurgent safe house, believed to be used to attack Iraqi and coalition forces and store munitions, and bomb-making materials.

The safe house was destroyed to prevent future attacks. Besides the eight suspects, the raid netted propaganda material, homemade explosive materials, one AK-47 and an improvised explosive device transport truck.

Release found here.

1/15/07- TAL’ AFAR, Iraq – Four insurgents were killed and a cache of weapons seized Jan. 11 after members of the Iraqi police received small-arms fire in the city and fought back against the insurgents.

Soldiers from C Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment responded to the call.

One rocket-propelled grenade, 12 RPG rocket boosters and two 60-mm mortars were seized, which were later destroyed by the explosive ordinance disposal team in a controlled blast.

Release found here.

1/15/07- BAGHDADIraqi Army troops continued operations on North Haifa Street in the Karkh district of central Baghdad Jan. 13.

Following a combined operation with Iraqi Army and coalition forces Jan. 9 to disrupt insurgent activity and restore Iraqi security force control of the area, soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division continue to hold a portion of North Haifa Street near Taleel Square.

Elements of the 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, two companies in size, continue to conduct presence patrols in the area.

In the days following the initial raids conducted with coalition forces, the Iraqi Army has received sporadic small arms and sniper fire from insurgents continuing to operate against an increased presence.

As result of this continued show of force by the Iraqi Army, they have detained three suspected insurgents and killed seven others.

Coalition forces continue to stand by if called upon to the security efforts of the Iraqi Army.

Release found here.

1/15/07- BAGHDADIraqi Army Forces detained 6 men in two operations Jan. 14 near Fallujah to capture al Qaeda in Iraq members responsible for coordinating and facilitating attacks against Iraqi Security and Coalition Forces.

The two Iraqi-led operations, with coalition advisors, targeted suspects who reportedly facilitate improvised explosive device attacks from Baghdad to Fallujah and are also involved in weapons trafficking.

Release found here.

1/15/07- BAGHDADSpecial Iraqi Army Forces detained 19 men during operations Jan. 14 in Risalah to capture an illegal armed group leader allegedly responsible for coordinating violent attacks against Iraqi civilians and Coalition Forces.

Iraqi forces, with coalition advisors, targeted a suspect who reportedly facilitates and coordinates the kidnapping and murder of innocent Iraqis, conducts improvised explosive device and mortar attacks against Coalition Forces, and traffics weapons in the Risalah area to further sectarian violence and attacks against the Iraqi government.

Release found here.

All new releases are listed daily here.

In creating this Good News From Iraq series I have noticed something significant. When I started this series it was to acknowledge the great progress our military and coalition forces were doing, the news that our major MSM completely ignores.... what I have found in the months that I have been doing this is the releases are rapidly becoming an acknowledgement of the Iraqi Army and police as they take security over from coalition forces step by step.

Where the news was always what OUR soldiers and the coalition has been doing for Iraq, more and more the Iraqi's are taking over despite the rhetoric that your politicians keep spewing forth....once again proving my point that our Democratic leaders continue to have the mindset that if they close their eyes and IGNORE what is happening, then perhaps they can get us, the American people, to close our eyes also.

There is good news coming from Iraq every single day....ask yourself how much of it you are missing because your "news" shows and newspapers refuse to tell you about it or they bury it so deep in their papers that you do not have a chance to see the wonderful work our soldiers are doing?

Last but not least, a few words from General Casey:

WASHINGTON – The first additional U.S. troops who will take part in new security operations in Iraq have arrived in Baghdad, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq said today.

“The initial elements of the first group are here," George W. Casey Jr., commander of Multinational Force Iraq, told reporters at a news conference in Baghdad. Casey did not specify the number of troops who had arrived or give any indication when security operations would begin.

The added U.S. troops will support the Iraqi-led operation, he said. U.S. and Iraqi officials are trying to work out command details to put Iraqis in control, with U.S. troops backing them up, he said.

Casey emphasized that security Baghdad is a key element of the overall plan and that the U.S. is committed to helping the Iraqis succeed there.

“I will remind everyone that I have consistently said that I will ask for the troops I need to accomplish the mission, and that I will do what it takes to help the Iraqis succeed,” he said. “And that is what we’re doing with this plan.”

The new plan has more Iraqi buy-in than in the past, Casey said. “It is Iraqi-conceived and will be Iraqi-led, not only on the security side, but on the political, economic and media/public affairs side,” he said.

Although the Iraqis will lead the plan, “American forces will remain under American command, period -- no issues,” Casey said. He acknowledged that the more troops who serve in Iraq, the greater the risk of casualties, but said U.S. troops “won't be put at risk because of the command relationships.”

Casey said U.S. and Iraqis together have committed sufficient security forces to ensure the plan succeeds.

The timetable for introducing additional U.S. forces into Iraq will enable the coalition and Iraqis “to sustain momentum, reinforce success and evaluate progress as we go,” Casey said. The plan offers flexibility and a statement of U.S. commitment to the Iraqi people, he said.

Ultimately, the Iraqi security forces will be the ones to secure Iraq, and key to reaching that goal is ensure the United States continues to focus on training those troops, the general said. “So, in support of that mission, we will also be enhancing our military transition teams,” he said. That will include doubling or even tripling the teams’ size to speed the effort forward, Casey said.

Casey made the point that the security plan would not be limited to Baghdad alone. He said it would go all the way to the Iraqi border "in order to stop the infiltration of terrorists."

U.S. ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad, who also spoke at the news conference, said Iraq’s neighbors must change their behavior. “We will target these networks in the hope of and expectation of changing the behavior of the states to get them to be more positive towards this country that's in transition that is going through a difficult period,” he said.

Casey said he trusted the Iraqi government would "purge" members of its security forces that are loyal to militias and non-Iraqi groups.

While expressing confidence that the new plan can succeed, Casey warned the Iraqi public not to expect an instant improvement in Baghdad’s security. “As with any plan, there are no guarantees of success, and it’s not going to happen overnight,” he said. “But with sustained political support and concentrated efforts on all sides, I believe that this plan can work.”

In closing, Casey praised the job the U.S. military has been performing in Iraq. “I'd like to remind the American people about the magnificent job that the men and women of their armed forces are doing over here in a very tough environment,” he said. “You can be proud of what they're doing to bring peace and stability to Iraq, and in doing so bringing peace and security to the United States of America.”

Again I would like to thank 186 k per second for keeping track of this good news from Iraq series, it means alot to me that people DO care and my thanks to those that email and comment to show their appreciation for this series.

[UPDATE] 2:45pm central- H/T to Pundit Review, Michael Yon is embedded as a citizen journalist in Mosul Iraq and was on Pundit Review Radio this weekend.

Former Green Beret, embedded citizen journalist and our friend Michael Yon joined us live from Mosul Iraq on Pundit Review Radio this weekend.

Michael had a surprisingly upbeat assessment of what's he's seen in the three weeks since he returned to Iraq as an embed. This was a much different view than what he shared with us last spring when he gave us a rather grim assessment. Michael discussed the improvement in the spirit and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces. He talked about the stark difference between the high spirits of the military men and women in Iraq with those who they are serving back at home. It is nothing short of amazing. He also laid to rest on of the most bothersome, dangerous myths of this war, that the people of Iraq "aren't doing enough". Finally, he told us about the type of man Gen. Petraeus is and we discussed the so-called surge plan.

Bottom line from a guy known for telling us the good, the bad and the ugly,

Iraq is very winnable.

Michael relies solely on the contributions of his readers to funds his embed trips. The costs are staggering, and so are the risks. If you find his reporting to be a breath of fresh air, unfiltered and free of MSM and political bias, and you can afford to do so, please support his work by hitting the Support The Next Dispatch button on his website.

The news IS getting better and better in Iraq, much to the dismay of the anti-military, anti-American of todays world... you KNOW who you are so I will not bother naming you.

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