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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Teddy, Have "Another" Drink and Shut Up

MSNBC is announcing "Official: First Wave of Troops to Iraq by Jan. 31".

The latest draft of the new strategy for Iraq that President will Bush will lay out Wednesday calls for an increase of more than 20,000 troops, with most going to Baghdad and 4,000 to Anbar province, one senior official said Tuesday.

The first wave of additional U.S. troops will go into Iraq before the end of the month under Bush’s revised plan, said the official, who requested anonymity because the plans have not yet been announced.

The plan also calls for responsibility for security for all the country's provinces to be turned over to Iraqi forces by November, said another official, also speaking on condition of anonymity. Bush is due to unveil his plan in a speech Wednesday evening.

Moving first would be the 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, which is in Kuwait and poised to deploy quickly into Iraq.

Just showing you the reports right now because I would first like to hear President Bush's speech tomorrow which is supposed to detail other aspects of his new strategy in Iraq, before giving my non expert opinion on it all.

Farther down in the article that is linked above, Teddy Kennedy has decided to waste yet more time on a bill that would be assured to get vetoed.

Sen. Edward Kennedy said Tuesday that Congress had the authority to block the move through its power to approve spending.

"We cannot simply speak out against an escalation of troops in Iraq, we must act to prevent it," the Massachusetts Democrat said in a speech to the National Press Club.

NewsFlash Teddy Boy, you can't. Troops will be marching into Iraq on Jan. 31 and as Stop the ACLU says so elequently:

Whether you think this is the right strategy or not, its gonna happen so you might as well get behind our troops and start cheering for victory.


Someone buy Teddy another drink, but this time, please take the keys to his car away from him!!!!!

Dan Riehl is a tad pissed off at Teddy and personally I cannot blame him. The man is a disgrace to that name.

Video via Hot Air of fat, drunk and dumb with a last name, but who has never accomplished anything on his own, Teddy, the drunken, rapist, murdering, Kennedy calling Iraq Vietnam. How would he know? He was probably stoned throughout the Vietnam era.

Kennedy embodies everything that's wrong with politics today. He's unaccomplished, a failed man who never lived up to half of what his Brothers "might" have been ... and Massachusetts can't stop getting hard for a last name that hasn't meant anything to American history for decades. Grrr... how I loath that fat drunken dirt bag.

Come on Dan...tell us how you REALLY feel!!!!!!!!!!!

Macsmind States:

It’s official, Ted (Dunk ‘em and forget ‘em) Kennedy’s brain is officially wet. Seems he is confused over war and the Constitution and the President’s authority to command the armed forces:

We cannot blame Ted for his confusion, its the BOOZE stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy has been a joke for so many years it is hard NOT to take the easy shots.

Bottom line. Additional troops are going to Iraq, we can either wish them success, pray that the President gives them the tools and the mandate to do the job right or we can continue to demoralize them by letting them know how many have no confidence in them to get the job done.

Do not try to tell me that is not how they feel, because I have MULTIPLE posts showing our troops words, our troops IN Iraq's words and that is exactly what they say.

So buck up folks and TRY to show one tiny percent of the courage our troops show everyday as they re enlist time and again, and WISH THEM WELL.

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