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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Special Forces Ops Strike al-Qaeda

After reading a wonderful piece by Ralph Peters in the New York Post called Terrorizing Terrorists, I could not blame him for being happy.

January 10, 2007 -- WE'LL get you. No matter how long it takes, we'll get you. That's the message our special-operations forces just sent to al Qaeda fugitives in Somalia - and everywhere else.

With AC-130 gunships pounding terrorist hide-outs and training sites in the badlands near the Kenyan border, we may have nailed senior al Qaeda figures involved in bombing our embassies in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. At the very least, we killed some really bad hombres.

As always, terrorist propagandists will claim that only innocent civilians suffered, and media sympathizers will echo their nonsense. Fortunately, though, most pro-terrorist journalists and "human-rights advocates" are preoccupied just now with the awful mistreatment of poor, misunderstood Saddam Hussein.

And the devastation left behind by our gunships is only part of a very big U.S. win:

* Thanks to resolute military action by Ethiopia's government (quietly backed by Washington), the terror regime in Mogadishu crumbled overnight - collapsing the lie that extremist Islam is on the march to an inevitable victory.

* The speed of the Ethiopian advance cornered hundreds of hardcore Islamist fighters in a forlorn backwater, where they can be killed out of sight of their media defenders. And be killed they will.

* Islamist outrages and subversion inspired unprecedented cooperation between moderate Somalis, Ethiopians, Kenyans and Americans.

For its part, the Kenyan government grew sick of Somalia exporting hatred, weapons and terror. Now Kenyan troops have sealed their border so al Qaeda's agents can't escape.

* Far from being a growing threat - as America-haters insist - al Qaeda's on the run. Confident that they had a new refuge in Somalia, international terrorists instead find themselves scrambling to escape justice.

* Our special-ops forces are getting their revenge: After Army Rangers and Delta Force troops won a hands-down victory in the streets of Mogadishu back in 1993, President Bill Clinton sold them out (as the Pelosi-Reid Democrats threaten to do to our soldiers in Iraq on a greater scale). Now they're killing al Qaeda fanatics and their local allies with the full support of a new Somali government.

Read the rest, it is a very good article.

Makes a person wonder though why anyone would criticize the killing or capture of known al-Qaeda terrorists, yet many on the left are doing so today and have been for days.

This is probably going to make everybody pissed at me, from both sides of the aisle, but this sickening need to criticize the administration when they have done something awesomely wonderful, is completely disgusting.

The reason I say everyone will be pissed at me is because it isn't just the left, the right did it too and I was just as disgusted when they did it to Clinton when he ordered a strike in Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998 in retaliation for the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

In case those on the left have forgotten, let me remind you of President Clinton's speech at the time:

Saying "there will be no sanctuary for terrorists," President Clinton on Thursday said the U.S. strikes against terrorist bases in Afghanistan and a facility in Sudan are part of "a long, ongoing struggle between freedom and fanaticism."

His comments were broadcast live from the White House shortly after he arrived in Washington from his vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

American cruise missiles pounded sites in Afghanistan and Sudan Thursday in retaliation for the August 7 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

U.S. officials say the six sites attacked in Afghanistan were part of a network of terrorist compounds near the Pakistani border that housed supporters of Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden.

American officials say they have "convincing evidence" that bin Laden, who has been given shelter by Afghanistan's Islamic rulers, was involved in the bombings of the east African embassies.

Wow, "there will be no sanctuary for terrorists,"....hmmmmmm, it was ok for that to be a prevalent mindset when it was a Democratic president, but when it is Bush, OH NO, we shouldn't hunt down and kill or capture al-Qaeda members whereever they are.

Hypocrtical assholes. On both sides!!! If I remember correctly, Clinton was criticized for that with accusations of using the air strikes to take the public eye of the Lewinsky scandal.

It was wrong then to criticize the right action and it is JUST as wrong now to criticize the right action.

So our military succeeded this time, where it did not in 1998, but because Bush is President it is a bad thing. Gimme a freaking break.

We, America, finally got some of the bad guys....shouldn't everyone be able to put politics aside for ONE SECOND, long enough to say "A job well done"?

I, myself, am very political, you will see me calling out the left continuously here at Wake up America, but I can be objective enough to say Clinton did the right thing in striking and it wasn't his fault he missed at the time, he worked with the intelligence given to him....why can't others put aside politics for a moment and congratulate Bush for getting the SAME PEOPLE CLINTON WAS AFTER?

I will answer that.... because to force themselves to be fair and say one nice thing about Bush when it is deserved, is enough to make many heads on the left explode. It is that simple.

What the hell is wrong with everybody?

AL-QAEDA MEMBERS WERE KILLED... get out the champagne, have a sip and toast our special ops!!! They did a good job and deserve the congratulations.

From the left we have "scarecrow" from Firedoglake asking: Tell me how it ends.... very simple, it ends with the bad guys dead, see how simple? Because if scarecrow thinks for one second that if we bring all our troops home and kick back and forget all about 9/11 we will not get hit again, on our soil, hard, strong and perhaps with a nuclear suitcase bomb or something along those lines, then scarecrow is living in denial.

We are in a war. Where ever that takes us, for however long it lasts, we are at war. We did not start it and this continuous litany from the left in blaming George Bush for everything that goes wrong, everywhere, and criticizing everything that goes right is so transparent it is laughable.

Jules Crittenden also shows where and how this ends:

I don't know how this war ends. But I have a pretty good idea how it ends if we follow FDL's prefered route. Just like the Vietnam War. Only here.

Well said Jules and EXACTLY.

Gateway Pundit points out exactly who the bad guys were.

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