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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good News From Iraq Part #20

No better way to kick off a new year than to show the good news from Iraq.

01/02/07- BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces killed three terrorists, wounded one and detained two other suspected terrorists in a raid Tuesday morning targeting an al-Qaida weapons dealer in the Baghdad area.

When Coalition Forces approached the targeted building, they called out for the occupants to exit the building. No one responded.

Coalition Forces then breached the wall and entered the building. Five armed men began firing at Coalition Forces. Coalition Forces returned fire killing three armed men and wounding a fourth.

During the breach and firefight, the building caught fire. Once the building was secure and everyone was safely outside, Coalition Forces began extinguishing the fire and called the Baghdad Fire Department.

Two men surrendered and were detained. Two women and three children were present during the raid and none were injured. Coalition Forces ensured the women and children were safe and looked after by their neighbors.

The wounded terrorist was administered first aid and transported to a nearby medical facility.
One of the men killed, an al-Qaida weapons dealer whom Coalition Forces were targeting, was identified by his wife.

Terrorists continue to deliberately place innocent Iraqi women and children in danger by their actions and presence.

Coalition Forces will continue deliberate and methodical operations in order to hunt down and capture or kill terrorists trying to prevent a peaceful and stable Iraq. These operations will continue to be successful with the support and cooperation of the Iraqi people.

Release here.

01/02/07- BAGHDAD - 1st Iraqi Army Divisions Forces, with coalition advisors, captured a suspected insurgent, during operations Jan. 1 in Na'Amiyah, near Fallujah, who is suspected of providing improvised explosive devices to al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists.

The suspected insurgent is also implicated in kidnapping Iraqi civilians for ransom and having close ties to al Qaeda in Iraq leadership.

here was minimal damage done to the objective. There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

Release here.

01/02/07- BAGHDAD - Soldiers from the 2nd and 4th Iraqi Army Divisions, with coalition advisors, detained two suspects during operations Jan. 1 in Ash Sharqat, in the northern Salah Ad Din Province, to capture an insurgent cell leader facilitating insurgent and al Qaeda in Iraq operations.

The suspected cell leader is responsible for providing weapons and supplies to insurgents and al Qaeda in Iraq which helps allow them to carry out violent criminal activity against Iraqi civilians and security forces in the area.

There was minimal damage done to the objective. There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

Release here.

The really amazingly good news from the above listed article is that it was IRAQI Army Division with coalition advisors that performed this task. The Iraqi's are learning and the training is paying off.

01/02/07- TAL AFAR, Iraq - Coalition forces discovered a large cache of artillery shells and other munitions partially buried and concealed adjacent to a
road south of Tal Afar Wednesday.

After receiving a tip about a cache in the area, Coalition forces asked for the informant's help to pinpoint the stockpile. During the course of the search, troops found the munitions.

Coalition forces found dozens of artillery rounds.

Explosive ordinance teams destroyed the munitions without incident.

Coalition forces with Iraqi Security forces continue to eliminate terrorists and their supplies in an ongoing effort to bring peace and stability to the Iraqi people.

Release here.

01/02/07- FORWARD OPERATING BASE LOYALTY, Iraq - Soldiers with the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team uncovered a site in eastern Baghdad suspected of being used by insurgents to make improvised explosive devices Dec. 31.

The troops found wires, timers, explosives, and other items consistent with the manufacture of IEDs. Two flash-bang grenades were also recovered.

The items seized items were confiscated by U.S. military personnel.

Release here.

This is just to touch on the good news and progress that is coming out of Iraq. This is also news and information that you won't find in the major media outlets. They do not seem to care. Do you?

Here is the url to the site to look for yourself, and here is the main page of the site also, where there are links to press releases, everyday and casualties are also listed there.

Last, but never least, here is the Operation Iraqi Freedom site.

Go look, it is not all good news but unlike the MSM, it is not all bad either. If you want the truth, good and bad, you are going to have to look for yourself, because if you depend on the major media outlets, all you will ever know about Iraq is the Death Tolls.

There is so much more to Iraq than that.

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