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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Catching up on corruption

I have done multiple posts about corruption in the UN when Kofi Annan was in charge and today news comes in the form of an indictment against Benon Sevan for allegedly taking bribes under the program from Saddam Hussein's regime.

The charges, detailed in a joint press release by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's office and the Manhattan district attorney, came over a year after former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker completed an investigation for the United Nations into the massively corrupted Oil-for-Food program that operated in Saddam's Iraq between 1996 and 2003.

According to the press release, Sevan allegedly received $160,000 generated from the sale of Iraqi oil under the program from one Ephraim Nadler, an associate who was also indicted, on behalf of the government of Iraq. The money was allegedly used to pay off overdue credit cards and bills.

Specifically, the two were charged with wire fraud, based on their depriving the United Nations of its right to Sevan's honest services; bribery concerning an organization — the United Nations that receives more than $10,000 annually from the federal government; and conspiracy to commit these offenses.

This news comes just as the United Nations' new Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon travels to Washington to meet with President Bush for the first time since Ban took office.

We can only hope the Ban Ki-moon does a better job and is more balanced and less corrupt than Kofi Annan, which should be easy since the UN, under Kofi Annan's reign was the MOST corrupt period in its history.

To see the amount of corruption that Kofi Annan leaves as HIS legacy, visit here where I have detailed the criminal acts in multiple posts.

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