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Monday, January 08, 2007

How Much Enemy Propaganda Do You Believe?

Quite often we see our own news stations promote complete enemy propaganda and disguise it as "news". One recent example was CNN airing a sniper video of our soldiers in Iraq getting shot, following it up with the offer of said video on CNN On Demand. This video admittedly came from the enemy and CNN tried to justify airing it as "news" and has been seen by many as nothing more than CNN working for the enemy by spreading their propaganda.

We now have another video, shown on al-Jazeera network, in English, meant to reach the American audience to further turn more people against our actions in Iraq.

The tape begins in dramatic form with the title "Lee's Life for Lies."

Christmas greeting from a U.S. soldier, Specialist Lee Kimball Tucker, sent to his family in Florida before he was killed.

First there are scenes of Tucker celebrating his birthday with his buddies.

Then a cut to an attack on a U.S. Army humvee and its aftermath.

An insurgent narrator says the insurgents found a computer flash drive in the wreckage that belonged to Tucker and purports to play it.

A voice says, "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm so glad I could send you my third Christmas greetings letter."

The voice identified as Tucker says he and his fellow soldiers became violent and reckless searching for insurgents.

"The crimes by our soldiers during break-ins started to merge, such as burglary, harassment, raping and random manslaughter," says the voice. "Why are we even here? The people hate us."


soldiers buy their way out of dangerous night patrols and gun turret duty with cash and drugs.

"The marijuana-rolled cigarettes are the rare currency capable of buying or changing anything. The drugs goes all around here," says the voice.

And it ends with a final denunciation of U.S. leaders and policy.

"What we are doing here is so disgraceful; our acts are shameful," says the voice. He then signs off, "Specialist Lee Kimball Tucker."

Horrible isn't it??? Are you now saying, see? We TOLD you our soldiers need to come home, we TOLD you they hate the administration and do not believe in what we are doing in Iraq.

THAT is the purpose of the video and for many of you, it would work like a charm because the enemy knows exactly how to push your buttons and manipulate you to make you do exactly what they want you to do.

The kicker in all this????

All very powerful from a dead soldier, except for the fact that Lee Kimball Tucker is not dead.

His family says he returned from Iraq in May and was with them over the holidays so he would not have been sending any messages home.

The Jihadists know our liberals very well and this is the latest in their tricks aimed right at, what they consider America's "weak link", our far left democrats. It is almost scary exactly how well these Jihadists know our Democrats, isn't it? Almost.....intimately.

Laura Mansfield, an Arabic language analyst and publisher of a newsletter "Strategic Translations" that tracks jihadi websites, said this is a new trick in the jihadists' propaganda campaign.

"This is part of a very shrewd campaign to reach a U.S. audience, soldiers and voters," she said. "It is in English and forgives most soldiers and Americans, calling on them to help end the war."

For the record, the last paragraph of the Blotters article says it all.

Tucker's mother Pam of Fort Worth, Texas, told ABC News that Tucker is not anti-war and that he could be returning to Iraq later this year.

Tucker has been there and he will be going back, because the soldiers, overwhelmingly understand the stakes and believe in their mission....they also are the ones that see, firsthand, not only our failures in Iraq, but our progress and successes.....the things that the media do NOT show you.

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