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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

On one of my previous posts I found a trackback from another site, as I always do, I followed the link and was struck by how much this one picture said, it didn't need commentary and it had none.

What it did was get me to thinking.

In this day and age we have become a world where people are numbers and statistics. We are account numbers to our utility companies, we are statistics to the polling services. We have lost a sense of personality and of individuality.

We have also become a nation that refers to the Iraqi people as "them" and our soldiers are losing their lives for "them"..... we forget sometimes or act like we forgot, that Iraqi's are people, human beings, women, men and children.

The only difference between the Iraqi people and us is location and the fact that they have spent countless decades living in the midst of violence. From a dictator that had no qualms to killing his own people enmasse for disagreeing with him to the violence they now live in because they DARED to hope for liberty and freedom. Because they DARED trust again in a nation, America, after being abandoned the last time they trusted in us, to help them and to not abandon them again.

Via Potbelly Stove:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the Iraqi's. Please meet the people our soldiers have grown to love and the people our soldiers have decided to continue to re-enlist time and time again, to go back and protect.

Does it matter whether it is an American child that needs protecting or an Iraqi child? Does it really matter where they are from when it comes to humanity?

Nuff said.