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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fairness for All? Part #2

Faultline Exclusive!!!!!

Urgent: Leftists Attempt to Close Down Newspaper Forum

Right now a battle is being fought in a rural North Texas community over the life of a local newspaper forum. For the better part of a year a small handful of well-connected leftists have been flaming anyone who posts statements about illegal immigration or Islamic jihadism and terrorism; calling loyal American citizens “racists,”’ “xenophobes,” and falsely claiming that these citizens are members of the KKK.

We’re all used to these race-baiting comments coming from the left. We are used to the left trying to connect the KKK to the Texas Minutemen. But what is worse, is the fact that these leftists have openly revealed the real identities of some of the posters on the forum, and have personally defamed some well-known citizens in this small community.

The forum administrator’s response to these constant flaming events has been to ignore them, or to temporarily shut down the forum for a few weeks. This week, however, he has decided to delete only those post strings complaining about the left’s constant race-baiting, while leaving untouched an obvious flaming string by the left entitled “ I’m Tired of the Racist Views.” It is unknown at this time whether his attempts at “moral cleansing,” is reflective of the overall philosophy of the newspaper, or just his leftist-biased personal philosophy.

The left’s concerted effort to silence the majority of American citizens by any means necessary must be stopped. This kind of thing is most likely happening in small community forums all across the country.

One of the newest tactics coming from the left on this particular forum is to post under their real identities. After revealing the full identities of some posters this forum last fall, and when the battle got heated, the forum was closed down for a few weeks. When the leftists returned to re-register they chose to use their actual names. Why would they do that?

Posting under one’s own name is actually a new tactic. If most of the posters on a forum use pseudonyms and only a few others use their real names this gives the real name posters leverage. How so? If the leftist poster decides to make a flaming statement about “anti-immigration racists” in general, and anyone comes back to refute those statements, the leftist (posting under his/her real name) can claim that they were being personally attacked. This is particularly helpful if the leftist is well known for having a daily diary on the Daily Kos or other leftist blogs, and wants to keep a high profile.

If you want to follow this debate/battle, go to the Wise County Messenger forum,

It is suggested that you look ASAP, because the administrator is threatening to take the forum down at any time.

Scroll down the page to Story Ideas, Website string. Open the string and click on “I’m Tried of the Racist Views”

Considerate E-mails can be sent to the Assistant Publisher, Skip Nichols at

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[UPDATE] Faultline USA has posted an update to this story.

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