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Friday, January 26, 2007

Is Retreat and Defeat Really a "Plan"?

In Washington, the new House majority leader, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), disputed Bush's assertion that Democrats do not have a plan for Iraq. He said congressional Democrats have united around three basic goals: shifting the primary U.S. mission in Iraq from combat to the training of Iraqis, beginning a "phased redeployment" of U.S. combat forces from Iraq within the next six months and implementing "an aggressive diplomatic strategy" in the region and beyond. Via Wapo.

A couple notes to Steny Hoyer... a plan that guarantees DEFEAT, such as yours, is not a plan it is surrender and it is unacceptable.

Secondly: "Aggressive diplomatic strategy" worked SO well with North Korea which has performed a nuclear test now, and Iran which is installing or has installed 300 centrifuges as part of their uranium enrichment that you wish to continue down the path of failure.

In his comments was yet another interesting phrase which the far left and the Democratic party rarely admit so it is worth mentioning.

He added, "Now, given the gross miscalculations by the administration in prosecuting the war and handling the reconstruction effort, and given the spiraling violence in Iraq, one can understand the enormous bipartisan skepticism about the president's escalation proposal on Capitol Hill, in the Pentagon, and across the nation."

As I showed in this post, our own reconstruction effort has been referred to as the bloodiest time of our history and took 12 YEARS. I understand it is hard for people to understand that while we fight al-Qaeda and Iranian factions in Iraq, that is part of the "war" on terror, but the while dealing with the sectarian violence, we are dealing with reconstruction.

It is confusing for some, it seems, because both are being done in Iraq.

Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit which I have borrowed the chart from:

Our soldiers have done an awesome job and under the leadership of General David Petraeus, with new strategies and more control to do what is needed to achieve success, we can triumph unless Congress and the Senate choose to defund the war and surrender to our enemies.

Here is the Update on how well The Pledge is doing and information on who to contact with their phone numbers and email or contact form courtesy of Hugh Hewitt.

The Pledge is to our GOP party members urging them to not vote for ANY resolution that could encourage our enemies or demoralize our troops.......they must be made aware that the grassroots of their party will NOT give them any support whatsoever in their future elections if they vote for any resolution, binding or non binding that sends a negative message to our troops or the enemies we face in Iraq and elsewhere.


[UPDATE] I just ran across a piece on Real Clear Politics, written by Oliver North, with some words about Congress from an officer in Iraq.

The political posturing doesn't stop with attacks on the White House. When Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, the new U.S. commander in Iraq, was asked by members of the Senate Armed Services Committee if such a non-binding measure would have the effect of aiding and abetting the enemy, he replied, "Yes, sir." For his straightforward, common sense response, he was admonished by an erstwhile Republican to avoid being "too political." This "gentleman of the Senate," fond of referring to himself as his state's "senior senator," has of course introduced his own pet resolution disputing the president's claim to be commander in chief.

A few hours after this odious exchange, an officer with whom I had spent many months in Iraq called me. "Do these people know what they are doing?" he inquired, clearly agitated.

"Which people?" I asked.

"These politicians who think we can win a war by committee. Do they even know that in the last two weeks we have set AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) and the Mahdi Army both back on their heels?" he answered. I was silent, so he continued, "Is there anyone in Washington who understands what this means? AQI terrorists are running like rats out of Ramadi. And the Mahdi Army is being cleaned out of Baghdad. Do they know how much harder all this rhetoric makes our job?"

My response was equivocal. "It's hard to tell what a member of Congress knows," I replied. Having just returned from visiting wounded troops anxious to return to their units and the families of those who have been extended in Iraq, I didn't have the heart to say that the more important question is: "Does anyone in Congress care?"

To that last question.... NO Sir, they do not. They "care"about their careers, not our soldiers lives. They "care" about being popular, not about winning the war on terror. They "care" about what the next poll will say about them, not what the next soldier will say.

"I would much rather lose an election than lose a war." ----John McCain.

To bad others in congress and the senate do not have that kind of class.

[End Update]

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