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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is Missing from this Picture?

We are in Iraq. We are fighting in Afghanistan. We have just killed some top al-Qaeda members in Somalia.

On 9/11 we were attacked and it woke many of us up to the realization that we are not invinsible, we can be attacked on our own soil. Others simply turned over, hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

Nothing makes my point or proves it any better than Dick Durbin's little piece on Daily KOS, which I will not be linking to, it is not worth the read. What I will be linking to is Durbin's "Help Set Our Agenda" page they linked to....because it makes every point those of us on the right have been saying about the Democrats.

Take a good hard look at that form, use the drop menu and look hard.

What is missing? What should be on the agenda for senate? What is one of the most important things to worry about for America and Americans?

As Assistant Majority Leader, part of my responsibility is to work with Majority Leader Harry Reid to manage the flow of legislation on the Senate floor. In these first few weeks of the 110th Congress, we want to make sure we're focusing on the issues that matter most to all Americans.Please rank the issues below so I can make sure that your priorities are our priorities in the new U.S. Senate.

Here are the options they give on this form:

*Iraq War Oversight
*Ethics and lobbying reform
*Increasing the minimum wage
*Lowering prescription drug prices
*Implementing all 9/11 commission rec's
*Expanding stem cell research
*Promoting energy independence
*Making college more affordable
*Rebuilding America's military
*Immigration reform
*Reinstating "pay as you go" rules

Now that you see all the options, what is glaringly missing here folks?


Of all the options on what should be on the senate agenda, National Security isn't mentioned once.

They mention the 9/11 commission rec's, yet from previous statements, only certain rec's will be addressed, which makes that word "all" lack credibility.

I guess we know exactly who woke up on 9/11 and who turned over and went back to sleep, huh?

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