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Friday, January 19, 2007

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

Twelve year old little girls are just that. Little girls. They aren't grown women, they aren't older teens, their interest in boys is, under normal circumstances, just really starting to change from "ew, gross," into "you're silly, giggle giggle giggle."


I first saw Dakota Fanning in the Sci Fi channel's mini series a few years back about the UFO abductions. (Taken) I said at the time, "that little girl is going to have a big career."

Why taint that career with controversy? Worse, why taint the MIND of that obviously brilliant little girl with something as explicit and extreme as rape?

She's a little girl.

She shouldn't have had to endure what it must have taken for this role.

Did they have someone who had BEEN raped to coach her on how to react? How to scream? How to fight back? Doubtful, most rape victims don't want to relive that kind of thing. So then did they have a rapist coach her in how to react? Interesting thought, isn't it? Truth be known, I don't know who coached her, but if they knew all the reactions, one of the two questions must stand to reason as being the case, wouldn't you think? Again, not accusing anyone, but just thinking...

Hat tip to Kingdom Advancer for this one.

Where is the stomach turning point in this country today? Is a movie about a twelve year old little girl within the tolerances of what the stomach will allow without losing it's contents? Would you like your OWN little girls to be in movies where there is a rape scene involving them? If so, why? What the hell are you thinking?

I can't see this as being a good thing at all, in any way, shape, manner, or form. If Hollywood wants to make a movie demonizing child sexual abuse, that's fine. THIS AIN'T IT. Portraying it, acting it out, showing it on screen, will only do ONE thing to sexual predators: validate them.

They showed it in a movie right? It's okay for me to do something like this if they made a movie about it.


But look for that to be used as a defense in the courtroom. "The defense will show that the movie Hound Dog inspired the accused..."

I wonder if that same defense will work if the South says "we've had enough." "Your Honor, our clients were inspired by the mini-series North and South..."


They probably still have naked Barbie dolls in their rooms, for crying out loud.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man