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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stimulus Report- Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?

Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn has released a 55 page report showing where some of the $862 billion spent on Obama's economic stimulus plan, actually went.

ABC reports: Getting Monkeys high on cocaine ($71,623), studying and photographing ants (nearly $1 million).

The Politico reports: Study for supersonic corporate jet travel ($4.7 million), studying the sex lives of college students (more than “$210,000) and African exit polls to study voting patterns ($233,000).

CBS News: Studying young men do not like condoms ($221,000), providing geothermal heat for a Tennessee mall that’s all but empty ($5 million).

Those are just examples from reports, other reports showing more millions wasted can be found at The Hill, here and here.

You can find out where more of your tax dollars from the stimulus package are going at Stimulus Watch.

The Mccain- Coburn report can be found here.

I did save the most ironic for last though.

Via ABC:

In perhaps the most eye-popping instance, the report says oil giant BP, the company behind the worst oil spill in the nation's history, is benefiting from $308 million given to Hydrogen Energy California -- a company it owns -- to build a California power plant that won't even break ground for another two years.

With unemployment so high and many every day Americans living paycheck to paycheck, just worrying about keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, I am pretty sure many would agree that those billions being wasted on ridiculous studies and research, would go a long way towards helping them get through their hard times.

Washington, evidently, doesn't agree.