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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Democratic Pollsters Give Devastating News To Democrats About Upcoming Midterms

Democratic pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Citizen Opinion conducted a poll which shows devastating news for Democrats going into midterm elections come November.

As noted, the Democrats may see trouble this fall because of the direction of these real economic indicators. Voters now give the Republicans a 49 to 36 percent advantage on handling the economy, the worst for Democrats in all of our polling.

For the first time in our tracking, a majority of 54 percent believes that President Obama’s economic policies have done nothing to relieve the recession and run up a record deficit; just 39 percent that believe his administration’s efforts averted a worse crisis. This is not consistent with the administration’s argument about economic success.

When asked about the vote in November, 52 percent plan to vote Republican to protest the direction of the economy – 11 points more than voting Democratic to not jeopardize the recovery.

According to this poll, both Independents and Republicans see economic conditions worsening by a majority, while only Democrats believe it is improving.

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H/T Liberty Central (Poll graphs and more information there so click on over)