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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Senator Hit In The Face With A Pie

Senator Carl Levin went to Big Rapids and conducted a question and answer session and while in a discussion with a student, a woman walked up to him and nailed him the face with a pie.

Big Rapids Police arrested the woman on assault and battery charges.

The Big Rapids Pioneer newspaper reported the woman's name as Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University; and her friend who instigated the incident with Levin as Max Kantar, 23. MSU lists Mohsen as a student, but it's unknown what school Kantar attends.

Assault, ok, fine she assaulted him with a pie, that is technically correct. But battery? Come on, please.

My question would be about a sitting Senator and his security, sure a pie wielding woman doesn't look dangerous and a pie certainly isn't considered a weapon, but how on earth are people getting close enough to nail him with anything?