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Friday, August 13, 2010

Insane Palin Hatred: NH Dem Resigns Over 'Dead Palin' Comment

On August 11, 2010 Now Hampshire reported that New Hampshire Democratic activist and State Rep. candidate Keith Halloran publicly responded to the news that former Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash with "Just wish Sarah and Levy were on board."

New Hampshire GOP spokesman Ryan Williams immediately denounced those remarks:

"Mr. Halloran’s outrageous comments are a new low, even by the standards of the New Hampshire Democrat Party. His publicly stated death wish for Governor Palin and her family is abhorrent, and has no place in public discourse. Governor Lynch and Ann McLane Kuster need to immediately denounce Mr. Halloran’s hateful remarks and demand that he personally apologize to the Palin family."

In the same Facebook thread, after Halloran's comments, another State Representative, Timothy Horrigan, stated "Well a dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one...she is all about her myth & if she was dead she cldn't commit any more gaffes."

Horrigan has now resigned:

After the controversy quickly gained steam Thursday, Horrigan sent a letter to the Speaker of the New Hampshire House offering his resignation.

"I apologize for thoughtless remarks I made which have brought this House into disrepute," Horrigan wrote. "I enjoyed my time in the House and I thank you personally for your support over the years."

Fox reports:

Halloran posted an apology Thursday on his Facebook page saying he wishes the best for Palin, Johnston and their families.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee denounced Halloran's comment and called on Gov. John Lynch and other state Democratic leaders to condemn it.

"The widespread fixation among New Hampshire Democrats with Governor Palin's death proves that there is a full blown epidemic of hatred and derangement festering in Governor Lynch's party," Ryan Williams, a spokesman for the committee, said in a written statement.

Mike Brunnelle, director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, told that Halloran should have apologized.

"We don't condone this type of rhetoric," he said. "We condemn it. It's wholly inappropriate. ... They have no place in the political dialogue in New Hampshire or anywhere in the country," he said.

One discusses the ramifications as he sees them if Sarah Palin died, the other actively wished for her death and that of her grandchild's father.

The level of vitriol from far left Democrats and liberals against Sarah Palin, is astounding.

Palin has managed to rip the roof off of hell and allow us to see the crazed babbling idiots inside. Every time she speaks, they explode with hatred. Every time she is in the news, they converge and write about her at length.

Democrats, Liberals, Palin haters still don't seem to grasp the concept that it is them that made Sarah Palin a household name. Their fixation on her, their obsessive behavior and their attacks have guaranteed Palin a long lasting career in the spotlight, whether she runs for president in the future or not.

Sarah Palin is here to stay and perhaps that, above all esle, is the knowledge that constantly sends Palin haters over the edge.