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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Past the Tipping Point

Usually it is only after a tipping point has already passed that one can look back and see that it occurred. We suspected that such a political tipping point was occurring during July but it has taken until now for us to be certain. Everyone who knows anything about politics knows that the political party of the President usually loses many seats in Congress in a midterm election. Given how many Democrats that were elected in 2006 and 2008 from traditionally Republican leaning areas, there was no doubt that the Democrats were going to get caught in the tidal undercurrent. However, that did not necessarily mean they were going to lose control of either house of Congress. That would be a political tsunami of major proportions.

That tsunami wave is building to never before seen heights as a result of the July tipping point. Right now our average of LIKELY VOTER generic congressional ballot polls stand at an incredible 11.5 points in favor of the Republicans. By comparison, it stood only at 7 points in favor of the Republicans in 1994. Barring a political miracle, the Democrats will lose control of the House and their chances of hanging on to the Senate diminish with every passing day. Nothing but passing a tipping point could cause this kind of a reversal of political fortunes.

So what event or series of events set off our passing a political tipping point? There was a series of three events that triggered the tipping point over the course of two weeks from the 6th of July to the 19th of July and they all had to do with racial relations. What evidence do we have that these events caused the tipping point? The first event occurred on July 6th when J. Christan Adams testified before the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights regarding the Justice Department's handling of the New Black Panther Party and intimidation of white voters at a Philadelphia polling place in 2008. His testimony that the DOJ was now refusing to handle any case involving civil rights of a white person sent off shock waves. On that day, the Real Clear Politics average of the generic congressional ballot went in favor of the Republicans and accelerated rapidly to 6 points in six weeks.

A week later, the NAACP adopted a resolution condemning the so-called tea party for harboring racist elements and demanding that such elements be repudiated. Another week brought us the Shirley Sherrod fiasco. All of these taken together left the impression that the Obama administration and the black community really had it in for "whitey". On July 21st, the backlash reached the President and his Real Clear Politics average of his job approval went negative and has stayed there, reaching as high as -6.2% on August 16th. Blacks only make up 1 out every 8 Americans so any advantages they have over the white population that constitutes 74.3% of the population requires the cooperation of the white populace.

Almost every white person knows that the black population got a really raw deal in the early history of this country that did not start to be rectified until the Civil War. It took the civil rights uproar of the 50's and 60's for us to finally get it right in our treatment of Black Americans. There is no question that a large proportion of the white population feel sorry for this past unjust treatment and have tried to make amends. That is why the white population in large measure have not rebelled against the forced busing of white children to end segregation or affirmative action programs. The white population even went so far as to elect a black President before electing a female one in the interest of putting this inglorious past to rest.

To suddenly find that instead of all their attempts to make things right improving racial relations, they have gotten much worse instead comes as a real shock. The white population extended their hand to the black population but got a bloody nose instead. It is obvious now that a sizable number of whites have decided that enough is enough. They are not feeling that way because they are racists but because they have decided they now have become the victims of reverse discrimination. They have decided that way too many of the black population have become racists instead. The events of July has confirmed that opinion. This is a classic example of overreach on the part of the black leadership encouraging race baiting and overlooking the corruption of several members of the Black Caucus. The race card has been played so much it has lost all meaning.

So why is the Democrat Party paying the price for this reversal of good will? It is because 90% of the black adult population is Democrat and that party has always claimed that they are the ones looking out for the best interests of the blacks. The fact that a Republican president freed the slaves and Republican support for the civil rights laws of the 50's and 60's over the vehement objections of the southern Democrats got them passed does not matter. To make matters worse for the Democrats, they misread what they thought was a mandate from the 2008 elections.

The voters wanted to prove America is not a racist country anymore but in doing so they were not voting to have socialism jammed down their collective throats. President Obama and the Democrat leadership support of the Ground Zero mosque has added more fuel to the blazing inferno. The white voters did not bargain for any of this or the "let them eat cake" attitude on the part of the Democrat leadership. The constant partying on the taxpayers' dime by President and Mrs. Obama is merely feeding the fire. All that firestorm will be quenched by the building political tsunami cresting on November 2nd.