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Monday, August 09, 2010

Will Freshman Democrats Pay The Highest Price For Rubber-stamping Obama's Agenda?

The Boston Globe reports how Freshman Democrats that rubber-stamped Obama's agenda are in for the political fight of their lives in the November 2010, for no other reason than their support of Obama's agenda against the will of their constituents.

One example:

Representative Mary Jo Kilroy, one of nearly three dozen freshman Democrats elected on the coattails of President Obama, has been true to her campaign vows. She supported virtually every component of the Obama agenda, and she recently stood beside House Financial Services chairman Barney Frank of Newton to declare her pride in backing a financial regulatory bill.

Now, however, the Ohio Democrat is in the midst of a bitter reelection campaign, forced to defend her vote on financial reform. And health care. And climate change. And federal stimulus spending.

They were warned. They refused to listen to their constituents, the voters that elected these politicians to represent them, not Nancy Pelosi and not Barack Obama.

They forgot who hired them and who can fire them.

Now they worry?

Dig a deep enough hole and you will find you cannot crawl out and that is a lesson that hopefully, come November, will be made loud and clear to Kilroy and every other Democrats in closely contested House races.

Remember November.