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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Truth Behind The Ground Zero Mosque

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

The ruins of the World Trade Center and the ground that they occupied are considered by many people (myself included) sacred ground.  Thus the proposal for a Mosque to be built at Ground Zero is offensive to us, due to the nature of the attacks that day, the religion of the attackers and the joy the Muslim world had when the news of the destruction and death of that infamous day was broadcast to them.

The members of the left-wing  and their mouthpieces in the media are screaming how the Imam of this Mosque is a moderate, is a bridge-builder, is a true man of peace, a loving man.  Just listen to his views:

Why is it that Muslims cannot or will not accept responsibility for this atrocity?  In fact they are the biggest deniers of the truth behind 9/11.  They claim George Bush, the CIA, the Israelis, MI-5, and or the Mossad all did 9/11 to discredit Islam, attack Afghanistan and Iraq, kill Saddam Hussein and steal the oil of Iraq.

Now those who support this monstrosity have shown their true colors.  Listen to their noise, their hatred, their sense of self-righteousness.  No where do they check their rhetoric or anti-Semitism, even when it is known that they were being filmed.  Keep your eyes open around the 3:55 mark (Hat Tip to Israel Matzav)

For the record:  The majority of those you have just seen where bussed in from other cities.  It seems that the majority of New Yorkers are AGAINST this Mosque being built at Ground Zero!!

Now I ask you.  Who are the real racists?  The ones opposing the proposed Mosque or the supporters who blame 9/11 and now this ground swell of opposition on the Jews?