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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Revisited

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

65 years ago today the United States did a very unusual bombing raid. It dropped one bomb on the City of Hiroshima.  I wrote the following piece 2 years ago, before Obama's election, before the lefts takeover of the United States.  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow stands as warning to the world.
On August 6, 1945 the Enola Gay dropped one bomb. This bomb, code name Little Boy, exploded over the city of Hiroshima with a force of 12.5 kilotons of explosives. This first atomic weapon was a dirty bomb using less than 10% of its fissionable material. Whether it was right or wrong what the US did is not the point, nor can it be the point. It was done, thousands suffered and a city was destroyed.
Based on research thus far, it is believed that the atomic bomb exploded approximately 580 meters in the air over the Shima Hospital in Saiku-machi (now Otemachi 1 chome), about 300 meters southeast of the Aioi Bridge. At the instant of detonation, the temperature of the air at the point of explosion exceeded a million degrees Celsius (the maximum temperature of conventional bombs is approximately 5,000 °C). A white-hot fireball appeared millionths of a second after detonation. After 1 second, the fireball reached a diameter of approximately 280 meters. For the following three seconds, it emitted powerful heat rays, and continued to shine visibly for approximately 10 seconds.

At the instant of explosion, intense heat rays and radiation were released in all directions. The pressure on the surrounding air created a blast of unimaginable force. The cloud generated by the explosion rose on powerful updrafts. As the pillar of radiation-laden soot and smoke reached the bottom of the stratosphere, it spread horizontally to a diameter of several kilometers, forming a giant mushroom cap. Of the energy released, about 35% was in the form of heat, 50% was blast, and about 15% was radiation.

Because the A-bomb exploded close to the center of the city, and because 85% of the buildings were within 3 km of the hypocenter, destruction to the city was nearly complete, with 90% of buildings collapsed or burned. (August 1946 Survey by the Hiroshima City Government)

By December of 1945 approximately 140,000 dead (±10,000) as of the end of December 1945. (Of Hiroshima's estimated population of 350,000)
The destruction of Hiroshima took less than a minute, its effects are still being felt.
I wrote that in 2008 when North Korea had just become a member of the nuclear club, (A member who is selling the knowledge of how to make these weapons for hard cash and Hennessy Cognac.) Iran was facing very limited sanctions, and our leadership was strong.

Today, a new round of weak,ineffective sanctions has been imposed issued by the UN on Iran, we have a weak, feeble President who is more content to apologize for this attack then to understand the rational behind it, and North Korea is threatening Nuclear War with the US.

The threats from Iran towards Israel occur on a daily basis, and the US demands Israel to restrain from destroying Iran's nuclear capacity, even to cut funding for Israel's defense (Some Friend!).  And now the assessment on Iran is that they  will not stop their nuclear program.

Israel knows that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, Iran will use it on any Israeli city. Tel Aviv, Haifa, Dimona, even Jerusalem would and could become the next Hiroshima. Israel's response would be devastating to Iran.

During the Cold War there were many occasions in which the Soviet Union and the United States stood at the prepicite of the abyss. What kept the two nations from going over the edge and taking the world with them was the fact that they would destroy each other and neither side would win. This Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD kept the world from blowing itself apart.

Unfortunately, MAD doesn't work with Iran. Iran is ruled not by sane, rational people, but by religious fanatics who actually believe that the destruction of Israel will bring back their long, lost 12the Iman (the Mahdi). They are eagerly working towards this goal. The Iranian people actually believe that if they were to die in a nuclear holocaust, they would go straight to Paradise and receive 72 virgins each. How do you combat such a mentality?

What happened on August 6, 1945 must not be repeated in the near future. If the world can't stop Iran, Israel must. For it is not only their cities that are at risk, but every city of the Civilized world is at risk.

On this the 65th anniversary of that day we must take a firm stand with Iran and tell them under no circumstances will we allow you to have a nuclear weapon!