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Monday, August 23, 2010

Charlie Cook: Republicans On 'Trajectory' To Take More Than 39 Seats In The House

Charlie Cook from The Cook Political Report gives the dreaded news for Democrats going into the November midterms, stating Republicans are on the trajectory of taking over 39 seats.

First few minutes of the interview says it all.

Video below:

The rest of the clip, Cook describes how the economy isn't the be all end all for Democrats and speaks about the controversial Obama agenda and how people prefer some sort of balance and with Democratically controlled White House, Senate and House, there is no balance.

August 17, 2010, Cook changes estimates from 32 and 42 seats to a gain of between 35 and 45 seats with "odds of an outcome larger than that range greater than the odds of a lesser outcome."

Many Democratic strategists are having an incredible feeling of deja vu ... 1994 anyone?

Wapo's Post Politics:

Some neutral observers and senior strategists within the party have begun to believe that the national political environment is not only similar to what they saw in 1994 -- when Democrats lost control of the House and Senate -- but could in fact be worse by Election Day.

A quick look at the broadest atmospheric indicators designed to measure which way the national winds are blowing -- the generic ballot and presidential approval -- affirms the sense that the political environment looks every bit as gloomy for Democrats today as it did 16 years ago.