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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video- Progressive Group Launches 'Fuck Tea' Campaign

Via The Politico:

Agenda Project, a new, progressive group with roots in New York's fundraising scene and a goal of strengthening the progressive movement, has launched the "F.*.c.k. Tea project," which is aimed, the group's founder Erica Payne wrote in an e-mail this morning, "to dismiss the Tea Party and promote the progressive cause."

""We will be launching new products in the next several months to help people all over the country F*ck Tea," Payne told POLITICO. "Products like a Glenn Beck Bowl Buddy (Beck B Scrubbin) and others are perfect holiday gifts or just a great way to say, 'I love you and our country' to your spouse, friend or family."

Their new video is even more classless and tasteless than the name they gave their campaign. (Video below)

Add to that the news that the general public favors the Tea Party movement over Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and you can add stupid to the tasteless and classless criticism of the Fuck Tea campaign.